Tony Rosetti, Chef at Noti Restaurant & Bar

About Tony Rosetti, Chef at Noti Restaurant & Bar

My name is Tony Rosetti. I’m the chef of Noti Restaurant & Bar, luring the guests with Italian dishes in Singapore. Title of the bar is an anagram of my name. So yeah, I’m still the owner. Singapore is home to over 5 million people, and I was born in the small Italian town where less than two thousand people. Palmariggi, the city in the province of Lecce, is situated on the tip of the Italy «heel». On the 31th of March I was born on the «heel». It all started not from an empty place. In culinary, I had a terrific foundation and stone wall behind shoulders. My parents managed a very successful restaurant in our small town. I can say, that I grew up in the restaurant business. Antonella and I, my elder sister, helped our parents while being young madcaps.