• The taste of guacamole is not a usual thing. It’s a fresh, oily and fruity story. Chef of Bernardazzi shared it with us.

Guacamole with shrimp ceviche

Guacamole is sauce, but rather an appetizer made of avocado. This is traditional Mexican dish. Although not Mexican. It has become wildly popular among the appetizers and supercedes all over the world. History of guacamole goes far in the past century. It is believed that the Aztecs opened the guacamole recipe, but there is no

  • It’s easy to cook matt tough balls of mozzarella. Smoked mozzarella made by you from the beginning to the very end is a different story. That’s so cool!

Smoked mozzarella or a Farewell to Arms

Well, I’ve already shared with you a few recipes of smoked dishes from the best chefs. I do hope you’ve tried them out already. If not, then check at Food’n’Chef search by Smoking Gun tag. And now I’m about to tell you that not only ready-made dishes can be smoked, but also cheese. Mozzarella, for

  • Staffordshire County is famous for its mountains, industry and small farms. Pastoral picture of rural life is diluted with hunting game, noisy gatherings and ...pancakes! Catch you?

Staffordshire Oatcake, Sir!

Have you already cooked delicious Scottish croquettes with haggis? And enjoyed its full-flavoured taste? I have to say honestly, I’ve cooked this dish twice already. The first time was to shoot the photo session, and the second time I cooked it to excite my guests by the miracle of cold-smoking process and its special flavour. And today I

  • 7 butter recipes. A small thing that will greatly enrich flavor of your usual dishes. As they say it, perfection is in details.

7 butter recipes for all occasions

Butter is very common product in almost every family, it’s even hard to recommend how to eat it and with what. But actually we can focus more on the last issue. It's common to add butter to sandwiches, porridges, pasta, mashed potato, fish, caviar or cheese. But also there are smart recipes to cook enrich

  • Vegetables with Pita Bread Recipe

Vegetables with Pita Bread Recipe

Palatable pita bread. Looks like it was always present at the table. We just used to call it in another way. My grandma cooked lean dense flatbreads. We cut their sides, still hot and crispy, and generously stuffed the breads. With a jam, made of translucent ripe plums, golden honey, specially cooked liver pate –

  • Холодный жульен из гребешка с авокадо, красной икрой и трюфельным маслом-0

My struggle with cigarettes and cold scallop julienne with avocado, red caviar and truffle oil

I was three years old when I tried smoking for the first time. I can clearly remember that moment. We lived in the Far North, in a population centre, where one can get only by a helicopter to. Only buildings of a club and a radio station (that at the same time was an administration)

  • Shkara


Shkara (stewed fish) is a simple old and extremely popular Odessa dish. Shkara used to be cooked everywhere in Odessa. Then true Odessa residents left and one just couldn't find enough scad. Now scad is back and only few people remember the recipe of correct and very tasty shkara. Aleksei Meniaylov is a true Odessa

  • Mini burger platter (Chicken and Beef)-1

Mini burger platter (Chicken and Beef)

You can find almost everything in Hong-Kong with its diversity. There are restaurants of various nationalities, there are restaurants with beautiful sceneries opening from terraces, there are Michelin restaurants, restaurants of stars and famous people. Mini burger platter Recipe (Chicken and Beef)   Save Print Recipe type: Appetiser Cuisine: European Cuisine Ingredients Chicken patty 90

  • Sea Food Platter-1

Sea Food Platter

Actually Socialito is quite popular nightclub in Hong Kong, but during daylight it turns into a restaurant for those who are bored by sleepovers. Sea Food Platter Recipe   Save Print Recipe type: Seafood Cuisine: Chilean Cuisine Ingredients For the Amaebi Marinate 1 T Chopped Parsley 1 T Minced Thyme 1 Lemon, Zested 1 Orange

  • Porcini in Papillote-1

Porcini in Papillote

I spent my childhood in the north of Russia, in the cold snowy taiga, among the deer, Eskimos, oil producers and romantic lovers of harsh life. But I went to school in the west of Ukraine, with mild European climate. But in both this regions there are lots of porcini - in the forest of