• Country Duck Terrine with Pistachio-1

Country Duck Terrine with Pistachio

Singapore... a city that I have been conquered by. Not in a single moment, and not at first sight, but I fell in love with it. City of nice people, great food, and beautiful architecture. You can look at my adventure in this glorious city in my blog. Country Duck Terrine with Pistachio Recipe   Save

  • Salmon Tartare Recipe with Avocado

Salmon Tartare Recipe with Avocado

Generally, tartare - is, in Greek mythology, a deep abyss, in depth comparable to the height of the sky. And funny, that this delicious snack is also called tartare. But don’t talk about things. For me tartare, put it crudely, is chopped minced raw meat, which is served on a plate, presenting a full meal.

  • Burger with Rosemary Aioli and Onion Confiture-1

Burger with Rosemary Aioli and Onion Confiture

If you want to try a new American cuisine, to experience this unforgettable taste - start with this burger with rosemary aioli and onion confiture and garnish: salad with persimmon, chard, walnuts and pomegranate sauce and Dijon mustard. And it’s only aurally seems complicated, because this burger to cook is very easily. 5.0 from 2

  • Hummus with paprika and olive oil-1

Hummus with Paprika and Olive Oil Recipe

I knew for a long time what hummus is, but tasted this dish for the first time just three weeks ago, when I was asked to take pictures by a well-known hummus producer. Its products are sold in supermarkets, and I decided to come and buy some samples of its products to the test. I

  • Polenta Gratin with parmesan-1

Polenta Gratin with parmesan

More than half weeks, I lived under the slogan "blog, blog and blog again." I managed to achieve download speed of main blog’s page in three seconds, when last week it crawled like a snail, and now I'm working at the English version, reference to which has already appeared in the main menu. Polenta Gratin

  • Fresh Rice Paper Rolls with Chicken _ Fresh Mango-1

Fresh Rice Paper Rolls with Chicken & Fresh Mango

– Alex, where are you going? – charming Kiki asked me early in the morning. –   I’m going to Stanley, I’m shooting a restaurant there. –   I’ve been to Stanley. When I was a kid. The richest people of Hong-Kong live there, and they like the dogs very much, – she told me,

  • Sandwich of Privoz porter

Sandwich of “Privoz” porter

The greatest restaurant of Odessa Cuisine - it’s Clarabara. Yes, in heart of City Garden, near Deribasovskaya Street. In Odessa there are many good restaurants, but to eat Odessa Cuisine I go to Clarabara. And Chef of this great restaurant share recipe of Sandwich recipe with sprat to my project Food'n'Chef. Alexey Menyailov: I’ve chosen

  • Tuna-Tartare-with-cured-and-fresh-tomatoes-and-avocado_hd_h

Plate of Tartares

About tartare we talked a lot and had made it far more than once. And we had a tuna tartare with bioyoghurt and tartare from shrimps with avocado. And we had read its history, and had considered cooking technology in detail. Even it seems there is nothing to say. And sometimes you just need to

  • Tabouli Salad with Feta and Couscous

Tabbouleh Salad with Feta and Couscous

Let’s travel! Where? To Greece! To sunny, hospitable Greece, where, as a famous saying says, there is everything. As you’ve already understood, today we are going to cook a Greek dish - Tabouli Salad with Feta and Couscous. Tabouli and couscous are more typical for the southern Mediterranean cuisine, and for Greek cuisine in particular.

  • Mediterranean Crushed Potatoes

Mediterranean Crushed Potatoes

When you cook the main dish is always need some addition. A side dish. More often we used to see a side dish in the form of vegetables, potatoes, rice or some cereal, you can be so creative here. The word garnish or side dish comes from the French "garnir" and means decorating and filling. A