• “Sesame coins” dessert with cream made of cashew and Hibiscus flowers-1

«Sesame coins» Dessert with Cream and Cashew

To be honest, I’ve never took the raw food seriously. Tell me, how can one eat raw vegetables and nuts all the time?Therefore when I got acquainted with Vladimir Stukotin and was told he was an outstanding raw-cook, I was rather sceptical. People insisted I should add him to Food’n’Chef project. - Yeah-yeah - I

  • Foie gras custard with crispy shallot-

Foie gras custard with crispy shallot

Pate is one of my vices. Strong coffee, aromatic roll, smell of freshly cut flowers put in a vase on the table and pate which is spread on the piece of bread by someone you love – this is the best and the most romantic breakfast. Foie gras custard with crispy shallot Recipe   Save

  • Gugelhupf


Do you want to lose some weight? Actually, this is not the case, if one of your friends is Sergei Borodkin, great pastry Chef from Israel. His weapon, his heavy artillery is bread and buns. A few days ago I watched an excellent video on Tedx.com about overuse of the word 'awesome'. They say there

  • Turkish Delight-1

Turkish Delight

Oh, how I love to wander along Hong Kong streets. My every walk is an incredible adventure. I just come out into the street and choose the direction. Turkish Delight Recipe   Save Print Prep time 90 mins Cook time 60 mins Total time 2 hours 30 mins   Recipe type: Dessert Cuisine: Turkish Cuisine

  • Tiramisu-1


To say the truth, it took me half a year to catch Ruslan. It just seems that when you live with someone in one city, you'll have time to shoot everything for the project. Both of us always have something to do, and this actually stood on the way of our cooperation. Tiramisu Recipe  

  • Fruit Carpaccio with Lavender Syrup-1

Fruit Carpaccio with Lavender Syrup

Photographers have quite active life - moving from one place to another, changing shooting locations, long photo shoots and exhibitions, crazy races through the city with heavy bags with equipment, and I’m not mention all these meetings, phone calls, small daily cases and so on (sometimes I even have some sleep!). That’s why I just

  • Banana Cake 2014-1

Banana Cake 2014

I take pictures and taste delicious dishes and... get some kilos. I have a lot of bags with photo-equipment and I lose kilos. It is a balance :) But when you’re flying by plane… Here comes the problem. Just 10 kg hand luggage is not enough… at all! So I’ve chosen for myself the optimal variant of equipment set

  • Dark Chocolate «Supreme» with Hazelnuts and Coffee-Orange Sauce-1

Dark Chocolate «Supreme» with Hazelnuts and Coffee-Orange Sauce

To be honest, it was not very easy to get permission to shoot Patrick. After all, the status of World Pastry Champion is serious obligation. Chocolate "supreme" with hazelnuts and coffee-orange sauce Recipe   Save Print Recipe type: Dessert Cuisine: French Cuisine Ingredients Hazelnut Crust: 300 g Butter 300 g Cane sugar 300g Hazelnuts Hazelnut

  • Wacky Adventures of the Food Photographer and a Perfect Strawberry Cheesecake Recipe-1

Perfect Strawberry Cheesecake Recipe

I’m always very demanding to myself, and I really don’t like when something happens out of plan. I’m getting very angry and nervous because of it. But sometimes such things just happen... Strawberry Cheesecake Recipe   Save Print Recipe type: Dessert Cuisine: American Cuisine Ingredients For the base: 200 g ground biscuits 100 g butter

  • Mini Oranges-1

Oranges: Sweet Bean Pate

Kuala Lumpur left quite mixed feelings in me. The city-building site: dusty, dirty, and boring. And absolutely not look like the other Malaysia, its nature and magic, so bright that I want to stay there forever. But the hospitable people and their wonderful food left me with the most pleasant memories. And if you ask