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Berry Compote with Cardinal Cream

I am deeply in love with all types of macarons. I like all tastes and various fillings. I like them just itself or in some gourmet desserts. Berry Compote with Cardinal Cream Recipe   Save Print Prep time 2 hours 30 mins Cook time 30 mins Total time 3 hours   Recipe type: Dessert Cuisine:

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French Lemon Tart

I adore messing around with pastries. There is nothing more interesting than to bake something tasty and as harmful. I have already written that if I didn’t become a photographer, most likely would have chosen the profession of pastry chef or baker. But this recipe of lemon pie is one of my favorite recipe. Since

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How to cook a simple baked pudding-souffle

Here Aleksey Shvets, an excellent cook and generally a good person, and came up with a great recipe for a delicious light baked pudding. The recipe is very simple and cope with it even a small child. Baked pudding-souffle Recipe   Save Print Recipe type: Baking Cuisine: European Cuisine Ingredients 900 g of skim cheese

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Chocolate Truffle with Cointreau

Today we have truffles. And not mushrooms that we've already cooked, it’s about chocolate truffles. Actually they were called just after picking, through a similar appearance. Classic truffles are a chocolate candy with cream ganache (chocolate cream, cream and butter), then they crumble in cocoa or wafer chips, and in the cream sometimes you can

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Ice Cream with Plumps by Biljana

Among the desserts of summer, the first place of the podium is possible to give to everyone's favorite - ice cream. From ice cream to sorbets, from classic to modern ... Before the advent of modern methods of cooking the ice cream was considered as luxurious delicacy, because the technology was rather time-consuming and painstaking.