• Incredible view on the way to Antalya-0

Istanbul with my son. Incredible view on the way to Antalya

Apart from feeding Istanbul seagulls, I also promised my son to visit a huge aquarium and to watch sharks. There is a nice oceanarium in Istanbul, which was unfortunately closed for a regular check during our stay in the city. But sharks had been already promised to my kid. So all I could do was

  • Cars Museum-0

Istanbul with my son. Cars museum

To be honest, there are only 2 photos in this post that were taken by me. It's easy to recognize them. They depict my son enjoying his favourite cars, ships and everything that's related to them. If you ask me, how many toy cars he's got at home, I'll say: couple of hundreds. At least.

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Istanbul with my son. Bosphorus sunset

My son is a very stubborn young man. He wanted to get to Hong-Kong with me badly to see dragons. I don't know why, but he decided Hong-Kong was a city of dragons. But I travelled to Hong-Kong on my own and sent him photos with Hong-Kong dragons and, of course, post cards depicting dragons. And

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Armenia. Symphony of the Stones

If to come down to the Garni Gorge, one can see wonderful assembly of rocks. In Armenia it's simply called Symphony of the Stones. It's very beautiful place but so scary. At the entrance to the gorge, there's local ‘mafia’. A three-minute conversation and thousand dramas — and an active old man allows us to

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Armenia. Infatuating landscapes of Garni

If my hosts say the truth, I wasn't particularly lucky with weather in Armenia. But if to trust my feelings, at some points the beauty of this highland country made my heart soar. Today we went to Garni – a region famous for its tastiest water and dessert named 'gata'. Frankly speaking, both of them

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Armenia. How to cook lavash in tandoor

Lavash, perhaps, is one of the key elements of Armenian cuisine. Armenians eat it with everything and rap everything in it. It's an all-purpose thing that can be even used to wipe your lips. At least, this is what I saw in some restaurants. This is low-caloric and very tasty bread. And it has nothing

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Armenia. Tufenkian Hotel in Alaverdi

High in the mountains... But after all, in Armenia everything is located high in the mountains... Well, high in the mountains in the vicinity of Alaverdi there can be found a unique hotel that looks more like a palace of an Armenian prince. This hotel belongs to the Tufenkian Hotels chain, named after its founder

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Armenia. ‘Pickle mafia’ of Molokans

High in the mountains, if to climb above Dilijan in the direction of Alaverdi, there's located a small village named Fioletovo. Russian Old Believers, who were expelled from Russia in czarist days, live here. And I think their descendants are not very upset about this, since it's a great luck to live in such a

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What can a child do on-board while his father is asleep?

I'm always short of luck when it comes to weather during my flights. I take off and land with heavy clouds almost all the time. Perhaps this is the price I have to pay for my frequent flights. But it doesn't matter; I've got used to it, and just sleep the whole flight long. This

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Istanbul – City of Fairy Tales

I've got four favourite cities, where I want to come back again and again to. You can easily define them by the number of stamps in my passport. And today, after I've arrived in my favourite Istanbul, which I visited numerous times before (don't even remember the exact number of trips), I'm overwhelmed with old