And if you think that my adventures in Girona ended, then I have to disappoint you. I missed the train. Rather, as I was late. Miss the bus because of my faith in the automation and inattention.

Grandpa cashier was very polite and available in Catalan of course, explained to me, and even wrote on the back of a ticket the way, what starts with a train to Figueres. And I went down this road, on the way seeing a bulletin board where indicated my departure time, and of course, specify a different path.

«I had no choice but to cry bitterly and stay in Girona live forever»

In Spain, both in all civilized Europe, is a very highly developed transport system . And Girona’s station in fact is a very large transport hub, combined simultaneously with bus stations, well, very comfortable. And only railways in three levels (underground , ground and above ground) are about fifteen .

And here I stand, and decide how to act. Trust grandfather cashier and climb the via2 trust or bulletin board and climb the via1, which is on the other side. The winner is trained by my Soviet service workers mistrust, and I ‘m going to via1. At that moment I didn’t understand what was written on the bulletin board where the train arrives. Not where it should be but where it comes . And accordingly, my train arrives from Barcelona, following in Figueres on via2, and from Figueres, following in Barcelona on via1.

Overall, I was lucky that I began to ask people running into the train, and friendly Catalans , standing in the doorway is almost leaving the train, considering my ticket sent me via2, where at the time I left the train at the right Figueres.

I had no choice but to cry bitterly and stay in Girona live forever. After all, if I were in Ukraine, the next train I would see the next day. But in Spain, I just lost half an hour, or even changing the ticket, got on the next train, which quietly and silently, delighting the stunning views from the window, took me to a very beautiful and charming city, home of Salvador Dali.