Drinks … How much in this word. Tea, and coffee, and cocktails and healthy things. They are always close to our favorite dishes, as a supplement or aperitif. It can be sweet and sour.

Most often, the drink can be found on a person’s character. If it’s a glass of whiskey, it is likely that it ordered by businessmen solving serious problems during the negotiations.

Light cocktail about girlfriends, who came to have fun and talk about what is matter and discuss the latest news.

A glass of beer? Sports enthusiasts and lovers of loud parties.

Tea for the ladies who came after a walk to the 5 o’clock tea.

But if I use a scientific point of view, all drinks can be divided into two large groups, alcoholic and non-alcoholic.

Today, I made a selection of cocktails for you. Cocktail is always a mix, always unexpected flavor combinations, always a surprise. They are light and “heavier”.

And there are several ways of mixing the cocktails. It depends on the degree of mix ingredients that make up.First is mixture in a shaker. The following approach – a mixing in the blender. Once they are prepared in a special glass to mix or prepare directly in the glass.

And then there are two reception components processing: filtering cocktail muddler or use for kneading ingredients.

It seems that there is nothing easier than just mix? And it turns out that the making of cocktails is an art.

Today I have prepared for you a selection of my favorite cocktails of Food’n’Chef project.

Cocktail «Godfather Winemaker»

Godfather Winemaker Cocktail

Cocktail is based on my favorite whiskey. According to rumors this drink is Marlon Brando favorite. And mine too!

See the recipe: Cocktail «Godfather Winemaker»

Sapphire Infinity

Sapphire Infinity-1

Cocktail of the best barman in Ukraine. The title alone is fascinating. Cocktail is based on gin and grapefruit fresh. Pure beauty!

See the recipe: Sapphire Infinity

Winter Evening Cocktail

Winter Evening Cocktail

This is a long drink. It tunes you to the leisurely evening with friends and implies only one thing – endless pleasure …

See the recipe: Winter Evening Cocktail

Cocktail “Manhattan”

Let me introduce you Manhattan cocktail with a hint of smoke, it should be not only mixed, but also smoked! A unique version of a classical English recipe!

This is a special cocktail. Cocktail with smoke! Very popular in England, but was invented in the 19th century in America. And reminiscent of New York.

See the recipe: Cocktail “Manhattan”

Digestive Mojito with Mint-Rum Foam


Soft, light, airy with foam! It is true there are some components of molecular gastronomy, but I think it’s no big deal, we do like to experiment, right?

See the recipe: Digestive Mojito with Mint-Rum Foam

Christmas Whisky Cocktails by Aleksandr  Slyadnev

Christmas Whisky Cocktails

Best Whisky Based Christmas Cocktails

Do you want more recipes of Whisky Cocktails? You can find them in my new book Christmas Whisky Cocktails.

This book is one and only in the world about whisky based Christmas cocktails. The authors shared a secret how to create a modern-style Christmas by organizing unforgettable whisky party. You will learn how to make welcome cocktails, cocktails for your festive dinning, dessert and even cocktails that will replace your morning coffee.

All the secrets and unique recipes shared by Ivan Bachurin and Oleg Kozlovskyy, amazing and professional visual presentation by Alexandr Slyadnev, stories and peculiarities of each drink – all these you can find on the pages of this book.