Before I’ve written my book ‘Hummus. Something about Food, East and Love’, I knew almost nothing about hummus. But when I started collecting and researching information, and, what was most important, trying different taste combinations, I realized that I would be addicted to hummus all my life.

Today I’ll tell you 5 reasons to eat hummus.

1. Hummus is Extremely Healthy

Hummus is very healthy and engaged hearts of vegetarians and healthy life style followers. This dish is rich in fibre. If to eat hummus in the beginning of the day, it will give you lots of energy. In addition, it’s low in calories and you can afford a big portion of hummus. And what is most important, your conscious will not bother you, as it’s recognized and approved even by the most loyal devotees of healthy diet. I assume even the very first reason is enough to consider hummus a perfect food, you can eat and to stay fit!

2. Hummus is a Kind of a Versatile Dish

Hummus is that type of rare dishes that can be easily transformed from an appetizer into a main dish. You can take a classical recipe, add some new ingredients and turn it into a new recipe. Oil, spices, vegetables. Good hummus will not be spoilt.

For example, you’ve cooked classical hummus, added some olives and basil oil and you’ve got a new appetizer. When used as a salad ingredient or for a breakfast with poached eggs, hummus turns into a main dish. What a versatile dish

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3. It’s also a Perfect Appetizer for a Party

You’ve decided to hang out with friends and have a cocktail party. You don’t want to cook much, but some appetizers are required. Hummus is a perfect choice in this case. Add some chips, pita bread or lavash, and you’ll have great and delicious food for your party.

4. Hummus is Easy to Cook

That’s an indisputable advantage of this dish. Even lazy of unskilled cooks will easily make all the stages. It looks quite mysterious and it’s hard to believe that it’s so easy to cook. The main thing is to follow strictly all the instructions. You can start from the classical version from Aleksey Shvets :)

5. Hummus is the Most Popular Dish of Eastern Cuisine

If you decide to travel to Israel, you have to taste it. That’s a national dish in Israel, Turkey and many other eastern countries, where hummus was invented. That was also a favourite breakfast of Pharaohs.

So are you ready to experiment with hummus?

Hummus Cook Book


Something about Food, East and Love

Best Hummus Recipes From All Over the World

Do you want more hummus recipes? You’ll get them from my new book: “Hummus, something about Food, East and Love”.

‘Hummus: Something about food, East and love’ is not just a recipe book, it is you how you can play with hummus, cook it so tasty and absolutely different. That’s the first book in the world where hummus is not just an appetizer, it becomes a main dish.

A new book of a food-photographer Aleksandr Slyadnev and Chef Aleksey Shvets is a culinary story of ancient eastern dish. One can easily sell a soul for a well-cooked hummus. It brilliantly combines health benefit, excellent flavour and simplicity of cooking.