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5 reasons why the menu should be small

I love restaurants where the menu has a small size. Maximum of ten or fifteen positions – it’s very cool. When I go to such restaurants, I understand that each dish is treated with love and that it is reconciled to the smallest detail of taste. After all, to work with a smaller number of positions is much easier than with “more than a hundred dishes”.

For me this is the best indicator of a restaurant than a design of chairs and a color of ceiling. I would like to identify five benefits of a small menu in comparison with his bloated fellow.


First and the most important it is always fresh and seasonal products. For a small menu, you need much less food items, so, you won’t have anything to freeze. Everything is fresh and only from the farm.

Accordingly to this, it’s much easier to build a logistics of procurement and in any time you come, you will have all products that specified in the menu.


And it really makes happy, because if you go through the half of the city in reason to enjoy a favorite dessert, but it is not available, it is very frustrating.

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The third point – is that the chef always works more carefully on every dish,thinking about the quality, not quantity. That is a very positive effect on the taste and appearance.


The waiters knows much better their menu. If you are the first time in the restaurant, where the menu is small, then it will be easier for you to choose, because most likely the servant has tasted the dish that he advises, and he will be able easily to tell you about the ingredients and the taste of the dish.


And the last point – working with a small menu, the restaurant will change it very often. Firstly, because the same dishes can become boring for visitors, and secondly, for the reason to use seasonal products which is available in your area.

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And I hope that my favorite restaurants won’t increase and inflate their menu and will go towards its reduction instead.

And in addition to the above, as a food photographer, I can easily say that the small menu is much easier and less expensive to shoot. It is also a benefit for the restaurateurs.