Let’s talk about Ukrainian cuisine. Our national, favorite and familiar. What we love to cook and eat almost every day and on holidays.

And when you come back from – or whether from abroad and want something, national, Ukrainian! Something that was cooked by beloved grandmother.

We can be proud of these dishes, pass recipes from generation to generation and amaze foreign friends.

It is unusual, satisfying and definitely delicious.

First place, with all the pride and honor I give to borshch!

Ukrainian Borshch

Larousse Gastronomique and the recipe of Ukrainian borsch-1

Traditional Ukrainian soup, which is cooked on the basis of beet, which gives it a characteristic color. This name comes from the plant borshvick, which was popular many centuries ago. Another wrote that the soup is Old Slavic name of the beet. And so it appeared soup. Our beloved and dearest!

And yet it is believed that if a girl does not know how to cook borshch, she’ll never get married.

And the recipe is the same, but everyone has his own secret way of cooking.

See recipe: Ukrainian Borshch


Berry Ravioli Recipe with Strawberries and Mascarpone

Everyone loves pierogi. From small to large. So popular and usual with meat or potatoes, or add non-standard filling? Sweet or solid, pierogi are pierogi.

It is cooked for the holidays, such as Christmas, or just when it wanted to. After all, we have a holiday every day!

See the recipe: Pierogi with Poppy or Pierogi with Duck and Ghi Butter

Chicken Kiev

I want to present you a classical Chicken Kiev recipe. Chicken with butter inside. Incredible flavor and appetize crust. You just only need to try!

Popularity of Chicken Kiev has long been stepped beyond our country. It is known in Europe and America. Even the French have tried to take credit for its invention! A Chicken Kiev is associated with something homemade. It’s like you came back from the school, and had a dinner! And certainly with potatoes!

See the recipe: Chicken Kiev

Stuffed Peppers

Sometimes you want to change old dish a little bit. Stuffed Peppers with Cabbage Rolls a good variant by Chef Sergey Kutenco.

Dish for all times. On any holiday table, and there is always a majestic peppers! They were stuffed with meat, and vegetables, and even cabbage rolls. As expected Ukrainian cuisine there are a lot of variations. But one thing remains unchanged. Delicious. One portion is not enough.

And lastly, about Odessa National Dish!

See the recipe: Stuffed Peppers with Cabbage Rolls

Sandwich with Kilka


Everything n this dish: sight, taste, serving and combinations of colors tells about Odessa. And most importantly, we must cook a sandwich over a long time. Put back to back small kilka, onions and herbs. And serve. Is it good? Unconditionally!

See the recipe: Sandwich with Kilka

More recipes about Odessa Cuisine in my book – Jewish Snacks from Odessa!

Ukrainian cuisine can not be confused with any other. So be ready mentally and physically. Plus of couple of kilos are provided 😉

Pierogi. More than a book, less than a national taste guide


More than book, less than a national taste guide

You can find more recipes for Christmas pierogi in my new book ‘Pierogi. More than a Book, Less than a National Cuisine Guide’.

Ukrainian culture combines ancient Greek traditions, incredible eastern flows and serious Western accents.  Due to the unique geographical location, Ukraine could take the traditions of ancient nations and thus create its own.

And it’s not a surprise at all that today we want to share 35 unique recipes of national dishes – pierogi. This simple dish can easily adapt to any kitchen.

That’s not an ordinary book that you can buy. That’s a unique national cuisine guide. And when you’ve immersed yourself in Ukrainian cuisine, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how delicious and modern all the recipes are. You’ll fall in love with them, and cook again and again.