When I travel around the world and shoot food for the best chefs of our planet, I always ask them for recipes of their favourite and popular dishes for my recipe blog. This is actually a unique case, when a chef unveils his or her cooking process. But I’m lucky, and almost always manage to get my ‘trophy’.

In this article I gathered six cheap dinner ideas from popular chefs all over the world. And these are not just cheap ideas, it’s seafood recipes. I strongly encourage you to try these wonderful and cheap seafood recipes.

So, let’s start with my favourite: Les Moules de la Mere Bonnier.

Les Moules de la Mere Bonnier-1

I grew up by the sea, where we have mussels, and this recipe is from my childhood. So, when Matthieu Bonnier, great French Chef, gave me his splendid seafood recipe, I was very excited. And these are not just cheap dinner idea, this is an amazing dish! It’s been half a year since I worked with Matthieu, and I’ve already cooked this dish for my family several times, which always reminds me of the noisy French humorist.

You can find the recipe by the link: http://foodnchef.com/les-moules-de-la-mere-bonnier/

Mussels can be bought in every part of the world, and this is just splendid seafood recipe!

My next favourite dish: Sandwich of “Privoz” Porter

Sandwich of Privoz porter

This is the most popular dish in my home city. It can be served as a snack, when you’re not particularly hungry, but still want to eat something. A real cheap dinner idea! Any salted small fish will do for this sandwich, and it is very important to use brown bread. Enjoy and remember – it’s a great snack for Russian vodka.

Recipe: http://foodnchef.com/sandwich-of-privoz-porter/

The next seafood recipe:  Pan-Fried Atlantic Cod Filet with Ratatouille

Pan-Fried Atlantic Cod Filet with Ratatouille-0
Extremely tasty and wonderful cheap dinner idea from one more French chef, who is in charge of one of the most popular Hong-Kong restaurants with splendid food. There is such a huge line of the French longing for their national cuisine that sometimes it’s difficult to walk in the street. But it’s not a problem. Since you can cook this savoury dish at home for your Cheap Dinner Idea Party!

And this is the recipe itself: http://foodnchef.com/pan-fried-atlantic-cod-filet-with-ratatouille/

Do you want more?

Then read on: Asp with Herbs and Fried Celery

Asp with Herbs and Fried Celery

I guess you can’t get Asp anywhere, but I think you won’t have problems with buying celery. So try to get any river fish you can and bring this seafood recipe to life. To say the truth, I can eat fried celery from this recipe alone. And this is a subject for another article about cheap dinner recipes :)

But no kidding, cook this splendid dish and better on grill, with bonfire smell and on the fresh air… Well, while you were reading, I couldn’t help starting cooking it myself.

Recipe: http://foodnchef.com/carp-recipe-with-herbs-and-fried-celery/

Are you drooling? Are you ready to move on with our collection of great and tasty seafood recipes?

Here’s more: Sea Food Platter

Sea Food Platter-1

This is not completely a Cheap Dinner Idea, but this is a splendid seafood recipe. And if you’ve got the ingredients in your fridge then get them out of it and start cooking for your friends. Believe me, they’ll be very grateful. Cause you’re ready to give everything to your friends, right?

And the recipe is here: http://foodnchef.com/sea-food-platter/

And the last, but not the least. I’ve got a wonderful recipe from a Spanish chef with two Michelin Stars:

Squid with Fennel, Trumpets (Mushrooms), and Black Sausage

Squid with Fennel, Trumpets (Mushrooms), and Black Sausage

This is for a special treat, after your friends left and you’re alone with your girl- (or maybe boyfriend?), and you want to surprise her with a dish from one of the most popular chefs of Barcelona. Tender taste of squid, mushrooms and secret sauce… Your loved one will be excited, believe me.

That’s all about it. Cheap Dinner Ideas Party is over. You can find a lot more seafood recipes on my blog http://foodnchef.com/category/recipes/seafood-recipes-2/. But, maybe, a bit more expensive :)