Every form of art has the highest level of recognition. Each field of activity is evaluated in a certain way. Oscar for actors, and the Nobel Prize for scientists, but the truth except mathematics. They are not so lucky 😉

For culinary art it’s a Michelin star. And, in my opinion, it’s the most mysterious prize. For example, we can see a movie or get acquainted with the scientific work of professionals in the field of physics, chemistry and other sciences. What about Michelin star?

Yes, we know that Chef, and restaurant and hotel can get the star. For delicious food and an incredible atmosphere. But nobody knows the criteria. Besides Michelin inspectors. Absolutely incognito, they make their conclusions. You may not even know that an inspector was at restaurant and assessed the situation.

But if the star is, no doubt. It is really given to the best of the best. And to get to the Michelin restaurant, sometimes nearly impossible. It is necessary to book a table for a few months and be alert to the possibility that the designated time is difficult to move!

But the wait is worth it, believe me.

Today, I will introduce you the chefs, who will tell about their favorite dishes. Michelin, of course. The best of the best!

Cherries with Juniper and Yeast Cream

Micha Schäfer, Chef at Nobelhart & Schmutzig

Let’s start with something sweet. Cherries with juniper and yeast cream. An unusual combination, but certainly – delicious. The cooking process is quite lengthy, but the result is worth it. Magic dessert from Micha Schäfer, Chef from Germany. And it was strictly forbidden to shoot in this restaurant. But I was an exception.

See the recipe: Cherries with Juniper and Yeast Cream

Spanish Dessert – Mix of Lemon Glaze, Flowers, Ice Cream and Cookies


Spanish dessert from the Michelin Chef – Jordi Cruz. This is not just a dessert. This vortex, mix … Here are a few components – lemon glaze, cream of violets, cookies, yogurt cake and flowers. Yes, yes. Nothing is lost. This is  Michelin. And it explains everything;)

See the recipe: Spanish Dessert – Mix of Lemon Glaze, Flowers, Ice Cream and Cookies

Iberico with Beans

Sebastian Frank, Chef at Horváth

Sasha Ludwig, Chef at Filetstück das Gourmetstück restaurant, which is located in Berlin, happily shared with me a recipe of Iberico and beans. If you are just beginning to comprehend the world of culinary arts it will be difficult, but will work!

See the recipe: Iberico with Beans

White Miso Sauternes Braised Cod Recipe

Alvin Leung Jr. - Chef at Bo Innovation_3

The dish is deceptively pretends to be a dessert, but in fact it is a fish! Cod from Alvin Leung. And by the way, he is one of the few chefs in the world – self-taught, who has received 2 Michelin stars!

See the recipe: White Miso Sauternes Braised Cod

Zucchini with Grilled Vegetables and Chicken Fat

Sebastian Frank, Chef at Horváth


Next recipe of our collection is Zucchini with vegetables and chicken fat. Dish from Sebastian Frank, Chef from Germany. Michelin dishes it is not only impeccable taste, and also an excellent serving. Sometimes it organization may take more time than the process of cooking. And advice from the Chef: only serve this dish on a white plate, so it will look more luxurious.

See the recipe: Zucchini with Grilled Vegetables and Chicken Fat

Parmesan Gnocchi with Truffle, Sautéed and Raw Mushrooms

Jordi Cruz Mas - Chef at ABaC Restaurant

The name speaks for itself. Another recipe by Jordi Cruz. And the story that precedes shooting was one of the funniest in my career.

See the recipe: Parmesan Gnocchi with Truffle, Sautéed and Raw Mushrooms

Michelin – it’s always unusual, unexpected and experiment!

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