Do you want a meat? Juicy, appetizing, which melts in your mouth? When after the first piece you just want to dive into the bliss of pleasure?

If it’s right, I totally have something for you. Today I will tell you about the best meat recipes, which I collected all over the world. Everyone cooks meat. Starting from ourselves and our beloved grandmothers to Michelin chefs.

Of course, the meat is a full meal. Main one. To this we usually add sauces or garnish. Also, meat can be a supplement to the salad or become a snack for wine.

Meat gives a pleasant feeling of satiety, and from ancient times considered a symbol of abundance and prosperity.

The most popular way of cooking meat is heat treatment: fast or long-term.

Long-term treatment involves stewing and quick one frying in a pan, in the oven, grill or on a spit.

How to cook meat in delicious way? Learn from the best chefs in the world.

Beef Kofta Recipe


Kofta is one of the traditional Armenian dishes. Her pride. Although each Armenian dish can be represented with pride. These red meat balls attract me just with flavor. A kind of meatballs with an incredible sauce made of tomato and wine.

See the recipe: Beef Kofta Recipe

Chiang Mai Ribs

Chiang Mai Ribs

Pork ribs directly from Hong Kong. Flavored marinade, juicy meat, pumpkin puree. I think this is the reason to gather friends at home and open a bottle of wine :)

See the recipe: Chiang Mai Ribs

Khashlama (lamb recipe)


Khashlama. Another greetings from Armenia. Meat with vegetables. It is better to use the meat on the bone, then the dish will be more nourishing. And the most important rule of Khashlama, should be a lot. So much meat.

See the recipe: Khashlama

Chicken Kiev

Chicken Kiev


Our, dear, chicken Kiev. Made of gentle chicken. Sometimes you travel abroad, you open the menu, and here a Chicken Kiev. It became warm at heart. It does not compare to his beloved home cooking!

See the recipe: Chicken Kiev

Leg of Lamb

Leg of Lamb

Lamb meat is very soft and gentle, so you need to make some effort to cook it in a right way. Leg of lamb recipe from chef of Armenia, the good guide to start!

See the recipe: Leg of Lamb

Roe Deer Loin with Piedmont Cheese and Foie Gras


If you want exotic dish and suddenly you have lying around in the fridge roe deer fillet, then the recipe from Umberto for you. Roe itself is a delicacy, and when combined with other ingredients to turn into a dish, of which you have a very long time will remember. Or in another way, it will be your dream :)

See the recipe: Roe Deer Loin with Piedmont Cheese and Foie Gras



Yes, bread meat, you do hear it right. This is a very popular American dish. It appeared even more than 1500 years in Italy, and settled down in America. A few simple steps and a Meatloaf already on the table!

See the recipe: Meatloaf