About equipment and processing-2

That looks something like this when I used to lay my travel kit equipment. Casket, and in another casket, casket and so on.

All packed so as to minimize mechanical shock at the equipment. It certainly imposes its limitations. In addition to speed folding and unfolding, because I need to undo every zipper, open each bag, it is also a weight.

Only the bags are weight about seven pounds in a dry residue. A total weight of the equipment is thirty-four pounds. I deliberately weighed at the airport.

Generally, I will write a separate post about how I was looking for the perfect bag for travel. To this I spent more than a year and a little more than two thousand American presidents. Only on the bags.

But now all my equipment fits in one bag transformer, together with massive racks, softboxes, and a bunch of small things outbreaks.

And most importantly, this bag is on wheels, so I’m running through the streets of Hong Kong, one-handed writing this post, and the other is pushing for my equipment.

About equipment and processing-3

Today, there is a long and sunny day. Very warm weather helps slow walking the streets of Hong Kong and the surrounding area.

And I’m almost from the morning sat down in Starbucks for a cup of coffee selected and processed almost half of the footage for the three weeks that I’m in Hong Kong.

Now it remains to write to these photos and some text to put on the blog.

By the way, yesterday finally repaired mobile version www.slyadnev.info and now all the posts are displayed normally.

In general, though I wrote yesterday that in HK you shouldn’t sit in the cafe, sometimes it is useful.