Here’s what else you can do in Istanbul airport at six in the morning, as not to cut the card under the new standards.

And my Italian sim not only survived after this execution, but still fine joined into roaming and even distributes Internet. About this sim I will write separately, so it’s very tricky.

And if you characterize the entire flight from Hong Kong to Istanbul with one word, it would be, forgive me ladies and too sensitive men, farting.

Chinese, mostly continental, not from Hong Kong, have a wonderful property constantly fart. However, they believe this is the norm. Maybe that’s why they always look so young and never get nervous, because they don’t hold the gases theirselves?

And when going more than three Chinese, and the plane was about half of them, it starts sheer gas attack.
However, this trip only downside may well be attributed due to a tasty meal in the Turkish Airlines, comfortable seating, where you can safely straighten the legs even at my height and very polite staff.

All right, I go to walk the streets of Istanbul and eat delicious baklava.