About food, Odessa and again selfie-2

I somehow learned to shoot the dishes that I spent no more than fifteen minutes per one

I even get compliments from surprised chefs. Type, how can I shoot so fast?

They say, had a bad experience with other photographers and are very surprised.

Five dishes take me about a half hour, together with time to expand facilities.

And by the way, about the equipment. Friends-photographers, who have had the experience of shooting with speedlights? I want to try to get a marching variant for flights. To throw everything into one backpack and not to be soared with rechargeable batteries that should hand over in your luggage, and with weight. Still taking thirty pounds is enough hard.

About food, Odessa and again selfie-1

Ooh, there are the places in Hong Kong that remind me Odessa. Here well as there may be slums by the magnificent building of glass and concrete.

But, unlike the latter, such places are being less and less. Old slums gradually losing ground and soon they will remain only on the photos of numerous Chinese tourists who are sitting down on their asses, bending their knees and photographing one more masterpiece on an expensive P&S camera.

Yesterday I first came to the area of Sheung Wan, purely by chance, to shoot one very popular French restaurant, which is located between several technicians.

Could you imagine a restaurant somewhere in the Razumovskaia, or even Peresip which will be considered one of the best in the city?

And this area is just a kilometer from the central metro station on the island and I feel that I need to allocate at least half of the day to walk on it and take pictures of all these beauties. Uuh!

Benefit them here are abound.

About food, Odessa and again selfie-4

Continues the selfie theme. As they say, a woman and Slyadnev everywhere find a mirror.

Incidentally, regarding the mirrors. I am categorically opposed to the mirror in the studio. While some models and include it in their list of requirements.

There is a category of people who need to see themselves, to function properly.

But usually on the frame such people always look for the viewer in not clear direction. Well, it is clear to me, in the mirror. And with such a selfless face, that already ah.

Particularly tricky and experienced, by the way, look at me in the lens. Rather than on the reflection of themselves in the lens.

Oh well. Who is the first to say, how I took this photo, I’ll bring Chinese cookies.