Settling in a new place, invariably acquire new things that are difficult to transport on the plane because of their hard weight. And so it was, when I returned to Ukraine, a number of things weren’t put in my luggage because of the weight, and not to mention, due to the amount too.

So I decided to send a certain amount of my things by Hong Kong post. The result was a small parcel, about 5 kg. I took it to the office, I was given the track number and handed the receipt. Everything was very quickly, accurately and professionally. In Hong Kong post fellows work in this respect.

About Hong Kong post and how nice to get a paper card-2

To be honest, I didn’t track the parcel by its track number, I just received two letters to the post that package was shipped, and that the parcel is in Ukraine. And somewhere in a week the postman called me and asked to pick it up. My parcel was going about three weeks.

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In addition, I decided instead of gifts to send postcards for several friends. I think that it has some charm that you get a message like it was made by our parents and grandparents.

The choice of cards in Hong Kong is great. From standard to very specific and original and author’s. They are sold in any bookstore, shops by houses 7/11 and in principle on every corner in the tourist areas.

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Well as in stores 7/11 you can buy kits of stamps, as you see them in the picture above. Adhesive stamps by old fashioned way, licking it and sign it. And put it in the post pox at the post office in Hong Kong or on the subway junction.

My concierge took a postcard in the house where I rented an apartment, promising to send them on their own. Cards began to come to Ukraine packet-mode, by several pieces falling somewhere in boxes of recipients within a week or two after shipping.

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My child was happy to get such news from a distant land where dragons live. Thanks to Hong Kong post:)