During the flights for fixing my luggage I use such disposable locks

Firstly, there are no troubles with keys, codes, etc. Secondly, in some countries the usual baggage locks at customs are cut if they aren’t adapted to the master key. And third, they can easily be opened. And these, if they are cut, probably pick up similar color to hide the crime.

It is certainly not going to help stopping the villains, but you’ll see it at baggage claim immediately and will be able to assess the damage on the spot and apply, God forbid, of course.

Are sold everywhere, cost a penny, if you need to rip, it is done in seconds. In seconds and new put on.

My flight here delay, I’m sitting here, trying to collect the word ‘happiness’ …

About how to close the luggage during the flights and selfie again-2

Another bad selfie in the reflection. A couple more of these and the next stage – inflating sponge. Already practicing.

But in general I produced a new tradition: before flights sleep less. For example, last night I slept only three hours. Now there is a night flight and I’ll try to sleep a little. Although …

Next to me sitting an intelligent blonde who has been repeatedly made attempts to talk about the weather in Hong Kong and in my country. Night promises to be fun.

All, I go off, the steward takes my phone …