Today I finally realized that I had lost sense of novelty in this wonderful city of contrasts.

No, I’m sure it will still amaze me with new events, people and places.

Just past the first feeling of love and I entered with him in a new relationship, how the romantic flower-candy period with a girl and you, learned her habits, choices and weaknesses, keep on with a tremor in legs to enjoy a new relationship.

Generally, the relationship is such a thing, that they never stand on the spot, all the while moving cyclically in a spiral, climbing higher and higher on the new horizons, opening up to you completely different emotions and delighting something new.

And God forbid get stuck on some of the turns, it threatens not just stagnation, but prostration, disgusting mood and unwillingness to do anything.

And finally, most of the gap of the relationship. And this formula can be carried in any sphere of life, it works and where it would seem quite out of place.

The same is with the city. Hong Kong does everything that you liked him. Here it is impossible to remain indifferent. Magic air, hospitable people, fabulous location …

It is said that his recently recognized as the best city for life on our planet. And so it is. I lost novelty, but my love for this city intensified.