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There’s Always a Story Behind

100+ Chefs from more than 15 countries of the world,

their Success Stories and Recipes. This is a unique and one-of-a-kind Project.

Success Stories of the Best Chefs Round the World

Success Stories of the Best Chefs
Round the World

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The goal of Food’n’Chef Project is to shed some light on those who often stay behind the scenes – food chefs. We eat out daily in cafes, restaurants and bistros, but the interactions we have are mostly with waiters and managers. However, those who are responsible for the food often stay unnoticed. I want to bring back some justice and show those amazing people and their dishes in this great international project.

This is a truly unique project. I travel the world and tell a story about the best chefs and dishes they make. Each story has breathtaking facts about the chef and a story about his favourite dish.

Andrei Makhov, Chef at Pushkin Restaurant
Micha Schäfer, Chef at Nobelhart & Schmutzig
Sebastian Frank, Chef at Horváth
Sebastian Frank, Chef at Horváth
Sergey Shpyakin, Chef at Rokka
Sergey Kutenko, Chef at Old Bus

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Cook Like a Michelin Starred Chef

Cook Like a Michelin Starred Chef

Exclusive Recipes
from World Celebrities

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This section is for a true gourmet. For you. I blackmail the best chefs of the world, beg them, threaten and use other elements of moral coercion to get secret recipes and opportunity for you to cook the dishes, which can make one travel halfway round the world.

These recipes are not always that simple, there are some really tricky ones. And some recipes are almost impossible to cook. I call such recipes “minced unicorn” and mark them with a special sign. But there’s nothing impossible for a real foodie, right?

About the Author of Food’n’Chef Project: Aleksandr Slyadnev

Aleksandr Slyadnev (www.slyadnev.com) – a food-photographer and a member of The Ukrainian Association of Professional Photographers (UAPF) – is among 10 most interesting photographers of the planet according to authoritative 500px photo community and among 100 best food-photographers of the world according to The British Journal of Photography.

Aleksandr cooperates with many international companies and restaurants, shoots for food magazines, books and different publications. He has taken pictures of famous and world-known chefs and their dishes. His customers are popular Michelin-starred restaurants and restaurants with other prominent gastronomy awards.

How to Be the Best Food Photographer

How to Be the Best Food Photographer

Tips and Tricks

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Photographers see the world in a different way. Their world is beautiful, elegant and always photogenic. Food makes one hungry, and a girl makes… Well, everything depends on a photo. On a photographer to be precise.

Many people want to become photographers. A well-known way is to buy a camera and start experimenting through trial and error. It’s not bad, the only disadvantage is that you reinvent the wheel. Several times a day. But there’s much easier way to see the world with photographer’s eyes. And I’m ready to share all my experience and secrets, which I gained, while, taking pictures in different parts of the world. Step by step.

Have a Great Journey Round the World

Have a Great
Journey Round the World

With the Best Food Photographer

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I love travelling. For the last year, I flew three times around our planet and a plane became my home for some time. I have a few personal belongings, but can be always noticed by huge amount of different photo equipment instead, and security of all main airports knows me. I learnt how to talk to people, while not speaking their language, and I always get into some situations.

This is the section, where I tell about my adventures. But I also gladly share here my experience of how to make a trip really easy and comfortable. Join me in my trips!