There’s Always a Story Behind

100+ Chefs from more than 15 countries of the world, their Success Stories and Recipes. This is a unique and one-of-a-kind Project.

The project Food & Chef introduces us to the chefs, the artists of cuisines. With people who have created delicious dishes in our favorite restaurants. Here you can also see some interesting recipes from famous chefs of the world and themselves, with their life story.

It’s no secret that most real artist creates natural works of art. The true connoisseur distinguishes of paintings by Van Gogh and Kazimir Malevich, music by Ludwig van Beethoven and Pyotr Tchaikovsky. Well as the chefs, as great artists, create delicious works of art that not only look divine, but also they can be eaten.

And from one chef to another you won’t find the same dishes, so on the project Food & Chef by the maestro is presented his dish, which he chose himself, and it personifies his experience life and culinary preferences.

To read exciting life stories, to see how looks the famous chef and dribble on the kind of delicious dishes that are served in the most popular restaurants, scattered around the world, you could find on the project Food & Chef.

And if you want to try that food, which is represented on the Food & Chef, then come to visit our chefs or cook their dishes at home, by the recipes, which they kindly shared with our project.


Saveurs Magazine (Ukraine)

May 2015


Prosto & Vkusno Magazine (Moldova)

April 2015

Armenia (P&V)

Women’s Magazine (Ukraine)

December 2014

P_puteshestvie_04new (2)-2 (Armenia)

October 2014

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Prosto & Vkusno Magazine (Moldova)

November 2014

Barselona (P&V)

Flavour Magazine (Ukraine)

September 2014


Димсамы в Гонконге

Women’s Magazine (Ukraine)

October 2014
P_proect_10-1hd P_proect_10-2hd

Affiche of Zaporozhye (Ukraine)

September 2014

Affiche of Zaporozhye (Ukraine)

Affiche of Dnepropetrovsk (Ukraine)

September 2014

Affiche of Dnepropetrovsk (Ukraine)1 Affiche of Dnepropetrovsk (Ukraine)2

Luxury Travel (Ukraine)

August 2014

Luxury Travel (Ukraine) August 2014-1 Luxury Travel (Ukraine) August 2014-2

Interview from

February 2014 Blog August 2013

Prosto & Vkusno Magazine (Moldova)

December 2013

Prosto & Vkusno Magazine (Moldova) December 2013

Prosto & Vkusno Magazine (Moldova)

November 2013

Prosto & Vkusno Magazine (Moldova) November 2013

Ukrainian Association of Professional Photographers

September 2013

Ukrainian Association of Professional Photographers September 2013

TABU Magazine, Moldova

June 2013

TABU Magazine, Moldova June 2013


About Author

Aleksandr Slyadnev ( – a food-photographer and a member of The Ukrainian Association of Professional Photographers (UAPF) – is among 10 most interesting photographers of the planet according to authoritative 500px photo community and among 100 best food-photographers of the world according to The British Journal of Photography.

Aleksandr cooperates with many international companies and restaurants, shoots for food magazines, books and different publications. He has taken pictures of famous and world-known chefs and their dishes. His customers are popular Michelin-starred restaurants and restaurants with other prominent gastronomy awards.