I will remember Kuala Lumpur by its meal and responsive restaurateurs. Here is unreal tasty. I am in love with their food

And ‘you should try it, Alex’ show must go on. I won’t list all of what I was fed today. Let’s just say that when I plan my next trip to KL, I’ll linger here for at least a week. Solely for the sake of food.

Again about food and about the fact that there is nothing to do in KL-2

It ‘s going to rain , and I ended up shooting today and going to explore the night Kuala Lumpur.

While nothing but the meal I had nothing imbued . Hot, dusty and dirty city . But with very friendly people and cheap prices. There is no sexuality and attractiveness of Singapore, there is no diversity and the free air of Hong Kong.

In Kuala Lumpur you need to come for one day, to walk the streets, enjoy delicious food, climb the tower and take the car and get out to conquer the rest of Malaysia.

There’s even pictures of absolutely nothing but a bunch of skyscrapers being built and piles of garbage as construction and domestic .

Overall, I’m rather disappointed with this city , although I won’t think, because in front of me the whole evening more