– Dad, dad, look at this small fish!

Antalya's Aquarium-2

At this very moment, I understood that our Antalya adventure was successful. We survived early getting up, dramatic climate change from +5 in Istanbul to +25 in Antalya and never-ending 3-km walk along a quay, frightening cats and happy passers-by.

Antalya's Aquarium-1

And then we were rewarded with tangerines in trees and not in a fridge, a tasty breakfast with waffles and chocolate and a splendid view over the sea. All this was a moment ago and now…

– Dad, dad, look at this beautiful fish!

Antalya's Aquarium-3

This is the only post about the trip where all photos are entirely mine. Because my son was fully occupied with other things. He simply forgot about the camera. Fish, sharks. More fish. Sunken vessels and treasures. And fish among them. And sharks.

Antalya's Aquarium-5

Feeding seagulls from the ferry? Psht…

Dinosaurs park a few days ago? Psht…

Cars museum in Istanbul? Yes, but… Psht…

– Dad, dad, look at the fish! And sharks!

Antalya's Aquarium-4

Antalya's Aquarium-6