Yerevan has its own original beauty. It’s warm, with its own mood and has lots of details that can be found in no other city.

Armenia. Day I-2

Yerevan smells like freedom. It flows to your head like young wine, to be precise. You feel it at once, with the first breathe, that you’re here, in Yerevan.

Armenia. Day I-3

Everything from urban geography and traffic planning to original architecture with built-over little balconies and sheds, which fasten upon the whole city like mushrooms.

Armenia. Day I-4

I definitely love this city. With its freedom and spirit, it resembles Odessa. An Odessa resident feels really comfortable here.

Armenia. Day I-5

But unfortunately I was devoid of an opportunity to enjoy the city on my first day. From early morning till late evening, I spent the whole day in the best Yerevan restaurants, shooting savoury Armenian dishes.

Armenia. Day I-6

That’s why the only location I managed to visit was the Cafesjian Center for the Arts with numerous installations both out- and indoors.

Armenia. Day I-7

I didn’t expect any of this, to say the truth. You can visit such place in Europe, Honk-Kong or Singapore. But not on the territory of the former USSR, where political thinking is unfortunately still on a very low level.

Armenia. Day I-8

A huge complex with installations from the best sculptors and artists all over the world? And this all is on the level of the best French and Spanish museums…

Armenia. Day I-9

I can’t believe it.

Armenia. Day I-10

Armenia. Day I-11