Lavash, perhaps, is one of the key elements of Armenian cuisine. Armenians eat it with everything and rap everything in it. It’s an all-purpose thing that can be even used to wipe your lips. At least, this is what I saw in some restaurants.

Armenia. How to cook lavash in tandoor-2

This is low-caloric and very tasty bread. And it has nothing to do with the lavash they sell in our supermarkets.

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I was very lucky to see, how lavash is cooked. They do it in tandoor, of course.

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And lavash that has been just cooked in tandoor is incredibly tasty. You take this big sheet and while nipping it off you don’t even notice how you finish it all.

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And a bit later, they bring a huge tray with several types of cheese and greens. You take this tasty lavash, put everything you can find on the table on top of it and make a roll.

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This Armenian roll is called ‘brtuch’. The most tasty one is made of lavash freshly cooked in tandoor in the open air. Brtuch – it’s when you roll into lavash everything you like on the table, combining different tastes.

And, of course, selfie with brtuch in the end.