If my hosts say the truth, I wasn’t particularly lucky with weather in Armenia. But if to trust my feelings, at some points the beauty of this highland country made my heart soar.

Armenia. Infatuating landscapes of Garni-2

Today we went to Garni – a region famous for its tastiest water and dessert named ‘gata’. Frankly speaking, both of them are really tasty. But today I want to show sceneries of this fantastic place.

Armenia. Infatuating landscapes of Garni-3

Imagine, you are standing on the cliff edge, there are at least 100 metres beneath you, and you can see such a beautiful picture: endless mountains and an ancient temple not far away.

Armenia. Infatuating landscapes of Garni-4

And you are carried away in those times, when there were neither roads, nor cars. When lonely travellers used to stroll around the world and build their temples that would still be there even in several thousand years.

And I started wondering, to what extent one shall fall in love with this scenery to decide to live in this very place and to build such a massive construction here.

Armenia. Infatuating landscapes of Garni-5

What was their reasoning? Just their love for this place or something else?

And I think I know. You just want to live and wake up every morning, enjoying mountains and wind that gets under your clothes and penetrates into you with its breaths.