The Armenians adore jokes. They make fun with extremely serious posture, and it’s very hard to define the line between humour and serious things – this line is rather vague.

Imagine that peculiar Armenian accent

– And now – lamb roll!
– A lamb roll? Like Japanese?
– No way! Armenian! In fact, the Japanese have stolen rolls from us, Armenians!

Armenia. Nation of inventors-2

After a while…
– Wine? In Armenia, we drank it 6,000 years ago, when the French still ate each other!

After a while…
– Dolma in Sweden? With cheese? This is wrong, they have spoiled great Armenian dish…

Armenia. Nation of inventors-3

And after 24 hours of staying in Armenia, I begin believing that this is here where people invented all best things.

With extremely serious faces, the Armenians tell me that British scientists have found Armenian genotype in the Chinese. They also tell that Indo-European language family, in fact, has it roots in Armenia.

But this picture was above all:

Armenia. Nation of inventors-4

In a distant village lost in mountains, there has been actually established a device. And the Armenians rule the world with its help. It’s just broken now, that’s why the world isn’t doing that well…