In the vicinity of Yerevan, just in 130 km, in a deep, long and extremely picturesque gorge there is hidden an ancient monastery named Noravank . It’s a beautiful complex with equally beautiful views of the gorge.

Armenia. Noravank-2

People say that during Soviet times it was difficult to access the monastery, but later on several mountains were blasted and a great road was built.

Armenia. Noravank-3

People come here to shoot weddings. The whole families arrive here at weekends just to stand atop of the sheer rock face and to enjoy red cliffs.

Armenia. Noravank-4

But the most beautiful thing on the way to Noravank is a small restaurant of a flamboyant Armenian named Vardkes, located directly in the rock.

Armenia. Noravank-5

While driving recklessly his old blacked-out car, Vardkes told lots of stories about his small restaurant, about the road and Armenian cuisine, and his one, let me tell you, is one of the best.

Armenia. Noravank-6

And if in all other countries it was hard for me to refuse from tasting new and extremely appetizing dish, in Armenia it’s hard to refuse from yet another glass of the tastiest young wine.

Armenia. Noravank-7

And this photo is a demonstration of how they make me drunk right during the photo session. This is the first time ever I drink during the shooting.

And then I get wind in my head and a smile on my face. And here I am standing over sheer rock face with a chasm beneath me, and I’m smiling to the wind, sunset and great weather.

Armenia. Noravank-8

Tomorrow will bring fog, dampness and winter in Goris.
And here’s a selfie to this end :)

Armenia. Noravank-9