You just need to travel several kilometres inland from Yerevan, and nature changes completely.

The mountains that used to be somewhere there become enormous and inviting, and raise that feeling of dominance.

Armenia. Road to Goris-2

This is where you feel yourself small and begin to understand that a man is just one of the links of God’s chain.

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Each person is said to have their own environment. Some people love sea, others – forest or mountains. And someone feels at ease in steppe or lowland.

As for me, I like the combination of forests and mountains. Because it is the environment that can raise various feelings and allows to be different. One just needs to stand at the bottom of a mountain to feel a small creature, fragile and defenceless.

But once you on the top of the mountain, all your sensoria just shout to you: this is you, who own this world! The groan of the wind, penetrating you on the top, brings the whole natural force and energy of mountains into you.

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Perhaps, this is the reason why Armenians combine excessive modesty, fear they won’t be understood by others and at the same time freedom of spirit and firmness that I would even call cocky confidence.

The combination of mountain wind, dizzying wine and very tasty food made this nation unique, hospitable and very amicable.

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I was enchanted with how nature was changing with every meter we climbed skyward, closer to cool and crystal clear air.

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Should I mention that all my feelings were crying: this is it, the land of free spirit! Rocky, independent and head over ears in love with that stony land, penetrated with all winds of the Earth imprinting everyone who was lucky to have visited it.