Armenia is a miraculous country. Every new curve in the road, every new turn opens wonderful and completely different scenery.

Armenia. Sevan and road to Dilijan-2

As soon as you leave Yerevan, your mouth hangs open with astonishment and it can be closed only by your fellow traveller.

Armenia. Sevan and road to Dilijan-3

I’d like to emphasize once more that my trip to Armenia is solely gastronomic. And I simply have no time for sightseeing. We travel from one region to another to shoot authentic and classical Armenian dishes, each dish is tastier than the last.

Armenia. Sevan and road to Dilijan-4

But as you might have already noticed, this is not my first post about nature and splendid landscapes of Armenia without even mentioning gastronomy. But I’ll speak about gastronomy later, in details, with recipes and lots of stories.

Armenia. Sevan and road to Dilijan-5

And in the meanwhile – Sevan. Armenian sea as locals joke, a picturesque lake which I’ve been dreaming to see for quite a long time.

Actually, Armenians know how to make you fall in love with their country prior to your visit. Historically, I have many Armenian friends in my home city Odessa, and I do hear a lot about Armenia.

Armenia. Sevan and road to Dilijan-6

But even I, with my imagination, wasn’t ready for what I would discover during my trip to this beautiful country.

Armenia. Sevan and road to Dilijan-7

The weather is unpredictable here, and if you are driving along a dry autumn road it doesn’t mean that in 300 metres you won’t get in winter with snow-covered mountains and hills and snow glistening like diamonds.

Armenia. Sevan and road to Dilijan-8

And after you pass the tunnel leading to Dilijan, you get to real winter that, however, the next morning becomes splendid Indian summer, hidden shyly by mist.

Armenia. Sevan and road to Dilijan-9

A turn, the next one and one more. You only have enough time to get rid of popped ears due to pressure changes.

Armenia. Sevan and road to Dilijan-10

Yet another turn leads to a small house, where amiable Armenians sell boiled corn on the cob . Cooked corn at the end of November. And my companions with sheer happiness throw themselves on it smiling happily through the steam produced by sweet and rich queen of fields.

Armenia. Sevan and road to Dilijan-11

It’s a tradition. And this is the taste that makes you feel you are in Dilijan.

Armenia. Sevan and road to Dilijan-12