If to come down to the Garni Gorge, one can see wonderful assembly of rocks. In Armenia it’s simply called Symphony of the Stones. It’s very beautiful place but so scary.

Armenia. Symphony of the Stones-1

At the entrance to the gorge, there’s local ‘mafia’. A three-minute conversation and thousand dramas — and an active old man allows us to move on, explaining what we shall pay our attention to, and what is not worth of our interest.

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One shall keep an eye out, while driving by those huge stones. You’ll hardly find it funny, if one of them falls down on your car. Time and nature do their work.

Armenia. Symphony of the Stones-3

We travelled in a perfect silence and sometimes made stops to look for a long time up at patterns created by nature.

Armenia. Symphony of the Stones-4

While standing in one of the niches and following with your eyes natural lines created by stones and listening to the whisper of the wind, you forget completely about your daily problems.

Armenia. Symphony of the Stones-5

It’s a kind of meditation, when you feel you are a small part of the forces, governing our planet.

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