Aleksandr Slyadnev on 23.10.2014 at 22:39

My Facebook followers know for sure that the whole current week and part of the next one I’m going to spend in Armenia. The programme is extremely varied. Moreover, I’ll give a food photography master class in Yerevan on Friday, 24 October.

Armenia. The beginning-2

The trip itself has started from Kyiv. Splendid view of the morning city opening from the terrace with a cup of coffee, early Sunday photo shooting and night trip to Lviv. Frankly speaking, if to make an overview of the last several months, it’s hard for me to tell where I’ve spent most of my nights: in Odessa or Kyiv, or on a trip between two cities…

Armenia. The beginning-8

In Lviv, I met sunrise on the top of High Castle.

Armenia. The beginning-4

I do like Lviv. And I think, it’s becoming better and better with every year.

Armenia. The beginning-5

Two days in a beautiful fairy city. The first day is for shooting of distilling brand, and the second – for RestoPraktiki Forum.

Armenia. The beginning-6

Armenia. The beginning-7

RestoPraktiki was really great, lively, informative and a bit drunk towards evening.  This is the coolest gathering of the best Ukrainian restaurant-keepers.

But no matter how great it is in Lviv, the road calls. Getting up (at 4 in the morning) — taxi (Vysotskyi’s song coming from speakers and rainy Lviv) — Intercity train (an Arab sitting near me was talking to himself all the way long, and this was catching) — Kyiv — morning branch (staring at my laptop, as it’s commonly accepted now).

Armenia. The beginning-9

And a night flight. Three cities during the day, two countries… My Armenian trip has started.

And I’d like to mention separately our Boryspil Airport. To say the truth, I was really surprised. As a person travelling with the equipment that looks like a device for teleportation of hamsters to Uranus’ satellite or a gadget for anti-terrorist operations in South Guinea, I constantly  have to intersect with airports’ security services. It’s still unusual for them to see a professional photographer.

Surprisingly enough, in this case this was the security service of the airport that explained to a carrier, why my 40-kilo bag was completely safe and secure.  Thanks for becoming a bit closer to a civilised society, in which everybody helps each other :)