When I hear about Armenia, in head pop up several associations. First of all, it’s mountains and beautiful nature. That is only one of Ararat. The endless expanse of air and silence. One of the “symbols” – brandy is named in honor of Ararat.

Then pomegranate. Armenians associate pomegranate with fertility and wealth. Throughout the year these trees are full of fruits.

And then the food. These are not anything like dishes from which you can not simply lick fingers, just swallow the tongue! And during my trip to Armenia, just my communicating with the chefs and trying different dishes, left some of the most important experiences.

Here, as in the song: “And after Ararat, is mine Armenia.” Today I decided to choose for you the coolest recipes that chefs from Armenia gave me. It is their symbols, symbols of their country, their people, their passion.

What is distinguishing all Armenian dishes? Firstly, it’s juicy and spicy taste. For cooking they always use a lot of spices – a variety of herbs and flowers.

Then the technology of cooking, it is often difficult and time consuming. Fish, meat, vegetable dishes are built on whipping, stuffing, pureeing that are really time-consuming. But with the strict guidance and detailed instruction everything is possible;)

And yet, in practice, all the recipes are about meat. All national Armenian dishes are very valid. Occasionally you’ll find an easy soup or appetizer. Everything is serious. And you’ll cook for guests. And then you can not get in a trouble, suddenly they will remain hungry ?! Therefore, should be a lot of everything, and should be satisfying.

No other way.

Choose! Just not lose!

Beef Kofta Recipe

Beff Kufta

Kofta is one traditional dish of Armenia, her pride and, perhaps, is one of her business cards. Kofta is a certain kind of meatballs. Kofta is known since the days of the Ottoman Empire and with the course of history, kofta acquired its own characteristics.Great traditional recipe by Arman Akopyan, brand-chef of network Tufenkian.

See the recipe: Beef Kofta

Armenian Flatbread with Cheese

Armenian Flatbread with Cheese

Lamadzho or lahmacun, lagmadzho is a traditional Armenian dishes. This recipe by the chef Alexander Ghazaryan. For the filling is not the meat, and cheese. Select any that you like. 20 minutes and have a treat on your table!

See the recipe: Armenian Flatbread with Cheese

Veal in Pomegranate Sauce

Veal in Pomegranate Sauce

The pomegranate is a symbol of Armenia and is certainly very widely used in cooking. Sauces, dressings, juices … and can not keep up. This is almost saturated “bloody” color is associated with the Armenian temperamental character, where the risk is the head of everything! Therefore, experiments in a great variety of recipes and veal in pomegranate sauce by Karo Guyumjyan is one of them.

See the recipe: Veal in Pomegranate Sauce

Udoli Dolma Recipe

Dolma Udoni Recipe

Tender lamb with dried fruit, wrapped in a cabbage leaf is a true masterpiece, which has shared with me the chef of Charles. Dolma is cooking in different countries, but dolma from Armenia deserves special attention!

See the recipe: Udoli Dolma

Traditional Armenian Dish – Lamb Recipe

Traditional Armenian Dish – Lamb Recipe

Khashlama is a dish cooked with meat, mostly lamb with vegetables. And the meat should always be on the bone to khashlama be more tasty. Ideal instructions in the recipe by Artak Sarkisyan!

See the recipe: Traditional Armenian Dish – Lamb

Gata – Armenian cookies recipe

Gata – Armenian cookies recipe

Ruben Pogosyan shared with you recipe of Gata. They are a lot of them in Armenia, because in every region it is prepared differently. Each house has its own, very special. It is generally very typical for Armenian cuisine. Well, they like to experiment. Two identical dishes almost impossible to find.

See the recipe: Gata – Armenian cookies

Armenian Harisa Recipe

Armenian Harisa Recipe

Aris or wheat porridge with chicken is another Armenian dish. Most often it is served to the table at the weekend, when the house full of relatives and guests and you enjoy the dish together. Aris by Ruben Pogosyan.

See the recipe: Armenian Harisa

Goris baklava recipe

Goris baklava recipe

Baklava is a traditional sweet dessert of many countries. But I will share with you a recipe of baklava from Goris by Artak Sarkisyan. Not only cooked meat for guests, they want something sweet 😉

See the recipe: Goris baklava

There was only a glass of wine (well, or a shot of brandy), noisy group of relatives and friends and the Armenian perfect meal is ready!