All. I’m at home, in Hong Kong. Three hours sleep for the last two days – in my opinion it’s overkill. But in the trips it’s impossible another if you want to live full life, and not to act as an existence vegetable in a comfortable hotel

At home, in Hong Kong-2

I have a day off today, and I’m torn between to work at the computer, clean up the unanswered letters or go for a walk the streets of this wonderful city.

The main thing is not to sleep if I fall asleep, then wake up at night and break myself the whole schedule. So – streets … Enjoy Hong Kong. Love. Food. Journey.

At home, in Hong Kong-3

That’s what I like Hong Kong, so it’s a huge number of happy and smiling people.

Here all smile – schoolgirls and simple hard workers, policemen and even the wheelchair.

And at some point you catch yourself on the fact that you yourself, walking the streets, smiling.

And that smile is not stretched, as the McDonald’s visiting card, but it comes from the depths of your heart, first hesitantly, timidly, like a root after a harsh winter, well then it blooms and you’re smiling bravely, simply because that not smiling is impossible.

It’s as if you open the chakra of happiness, if one exists. And this is all the influence of this smiling city …

At home, in Hong Kong-4

They say that, a British agency recognized the most popular word last year, a new word selfie.

This is your favorite looks and duck faces in the mirror reflection.

Well, I certainly can’t be compared with the recognized skilled worker of this case, Ellena Galant-Girl, but in the reflections of Hong Kong I can also make a face for a selfie.

And then I asked why Chinese women always smile.

At home, in Hong Kong-1

For a week in Hong Kong, I’m trying to start jogging.

I have for this all that is needed. Sneakers, tracker, even shoulder case for iPhone.

One kilometer away from my home there is a chic park with the right treadmills and sports instruments for ph. loadings.

In one and a half kilometer to the other side there is a steep treadmill, leading to the mountains with great views of Hong Kong and different variants of complexity.

But every day I put to myself the alarm for seven and … wake up at nine.

And in most cases, at nine in the streets is already overcrowded, and at eleven, I must be on the shooting.

How to force myself to get up, don’t switch the alarm and start still jogging?

Where to look for that motivation which will drive me and my feets on this sports venue of Hong Kong?

Until I see one way. It is to take you, the reader of this post, as witness. And if I oversleep again, then you can safely laugh at me.

But is that the motivation? Hmm …