Aleksey Shvets, Chef at Bernardazzi

About Aleksey Shvets, Chef at Bernardazzi

I’m 27 years old. Am working as a cook over 12 years, 3 of them as a chef at the Bernardazzi restaurant. My first culinary experience happened when I was 6. My mother put to boil the potatoes in jackets and left the house. When I came to the kitchen and saw that the water was boiling to hard, I put a chair and took a match — as I saw my mother always did this. I stabbed the potatoes and turned off the fire, couse decided the food was ready. When my mother came home, she was surprised the dinner is made.
  • Hot Pepper Hummus

Hot Pepper Hummus

If you feel for something totally new, even unexpected, I would say, then here is a post for you. Today I’ll tell you about Hot Pepper Hummus. I’ve got this recipe from Aleksey Shvets, so far we’ve already cooked plenty of cool dishes together. We’ve already cooked classical hummus. Generally, hummus is a national

  • Put your sombrero on, we have salsa today! Hot, Mexican and spicy. Let’s cook Mango Salsa from Alexey Shvets!

Mango Salsa

If you think that salsa is just a hot dance, then you are absolutely wrong. Salsa is very popular Mexican sauce that is served with chips, corn scones, tortillas, chicken and other dishes. The word “salsa” originates from Spanish word “sal” that means salt. Nevertheless, the main ingredient of salsa sauce is a chili pepper.

  • If you would like to eat something light, then chicken broth from Alexei Shvets is what you need.

Chicken Soup

Broth as many other recipes was created in France. People cooked it with different kinds of meat, both veal and pork. Generally, broth is a very universal dish. It can be a served separately and at the same time it cane be a base for risotto, sauces and other soups. Today we gonna cook Chicken

  • Seafood salad I associate with summer and the inevitable glass of wine by the sea.

Seafood Salad with Avocado and Wasabi Sauce

Salad is the most general appetizier. It may be cold and warm, with fish or meat, a light salad with vegetables. Salad gives you an opportunity to mix all possible thing. Combine those ingredients that are seemingly impossible to combine. Embody all your wildest fantasies and dreams into reality. And each time, you can come up

  • The taste of guacamole is not a usual thing. It’s a fresh, oily and fruity story. Chef of Bernardazzi shared it with us.

Guacamole with shrimp ceviche

Guacamole is sauce, but rather an appetizer made of avocado. This is traditional Mexican dish. Although not Mexican. It has become wildly popular among the appetizers and supercedes all over the world. History of guacamole goes far in the past century. It is believed that the Aztecs opened the guacamole recipe, but there is no

  • It’s easy to cook matt tough balls of mozzarella. Smoked mozzarella made by you from the beginning to the very end is a different story. That’s so cool!

Smoked mozzarella or a Farewell to Arms

Well, I’ve already shared with you a few recipes of smoked dishes from the best chefs. I do hope you’ve tried them out already. If not, then check at Food’n’Chef search by Smoking Gun tag. And now I’m about to tell you that not only ready-made dishes can be smoked, but also cheese. Mozzarella, for

  • Mushrooms are not only looks nice and tastes yummy, they are also easy to make culinary experiments. Salad recipe with smoked mushrooms looks simple, with the exception of one small nuance. Are you ready? Well, that was your own will.

Smoked Chanterelle and Porchini Salad with Garlic Chips and Thyme Oil

Grab your basket and bravely go to the forest to seek for mushrooms. Or just buy some chanterelles and porcini in the nearest supermarket. You won’t feel funny, that’s not that kind of mushrooms. Well, I have to admit, when you cook for a long time with lots of energy and money invested, and the

  • New potato with flavorful apple-smoked salmon – that’s not a figment of your imagination. That’s a salad recipe. Open your eyes, close your mouth and let’s cook it together.

Salad with new potatoes and slices of apple-flavoured smoked salmon

Boiled, baked and fried potatoes, french-fries and steamed potatoes – there dozens, if not hundreds of recipes of this vegetable known from the very childhood. For example, the most popular recipe of the project is potatoes baked with herbs or homemade salad with baked vegetables and slices of rye bread. But new potatoes do not

  • 7 butter recipes. A small thing that will greatly enrich flavor of your usual dishes. As they say it, perfection is in details.

7 butter recipes for all occasions

Butter is very common product in almost every family, it’s even hard to recommend how to eat it and with what. But actually we can focus more on the last issue. It's common to add butter to sandwiches, porridges, pasta, mashed potato, fish, caviar or cheese. But also there are smart recipes to cook enrich

  • Roast Beef Salad with Miso Dressing

Roast Beef Recipe with Miso Dressing

Roast beef salad is a real international dish. Do you have any doubts about that? Check it by yourself! Roast beef is a traditional English dish that residents of foggy Albion are proud of. There is even an old English song called "Old English roast beef." Roast beef salad was invented by French chefs, well-recognized