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I’m 28. I was working as a barman in a restaurant, when the Japanese cuisine became popular in our country. I decided I wanted to make classy sushi and went to Kiev, where I became an apprentice of a Japanese sushi master Yoshi. My apprenticeship reminded Hollywood thrillers of 1990s, where the main protagonist goes to a guru of martial arts in the heart of Tibet. But My Tibet was in Kiev. I was given a Japanese knife Yanagi-ba and had to cut big Daikon (Japanese radish) in slices as thick as rice paper. If failed to do it well, I was bitten with a spatula used to fry tamago.
  • Do you want to taste Asian Cuisine? Prawn recipe in Coconut Tempura by Oleg Pashkevich, is eactly want you need.

Coconut Tempura Prawns

When I think about Asian cuisine, one of the first associations, which swam in my head is seafood. And prawns are among them. Asian cuisine is a mix of flavors. They like to combine thigs, which really hard to combine. The recipe, which Oleg Pashkevich gave me, is one of where incongruous products sing together

  • Combination of prawns and lemongraaa is the secret, which you want to try out! Original fusion, which won’t let you indifferent.

Prawns with Lemongrass

We've talked about prawn recipe for so many times. Dzhalfrezi prawns or tiger shrimps with mango sauce. Oleg Pashkevich shared with me one more prawn recipe. Prawns with lemograss! It is incredibly delicious and flavorful recipe. And it's so easy to cook prawns, you need no more than 20 minutes. Prawns with Lemongrass Recipe Type:

  • chicken-wings-with-honey-sause-chile-recipe

Chicken wings with honey sause Chile recipe

If you ask me why I love my work, I’ll definitely answer: because of pleasure I get from my own shots. First of all, I do it for myself. And only then for all others. Yes, that can be quite complicated. Yes, I have to reject a lot of interesting projects. But I know for

  • Teriyaki_Chicken3_0

Teriyaki Chicken

Funny thing. I was cleaning my blog, adjusting it for the new design. And found a post I had made three years ago. There I half-jokingly wrote that soon I would become a food-photographer. And I have forgotten about that post. Teriyaki Chicken Recipe Recipe Type: Meat and Poultry Cuisine: Panasian Cuisine Ingredients Teriyaki Chicken:

  • Udon_noodles_with_seafood_and_shiitake_0

Udon noodles with seafood

As many photographers perhaps know, or at least suspect, the light is one of the key elements of shooting. The art of drawing with it to be precise. Photographers use different light modifiers either to soften or to harden the light. Udon noodles with seafood recipe Recipe Type: Seafood Cuisine: Japaneese Cuisine Ingredients 50 g

  • Yaki Soba Noodles with Veal Tenderloin and Teriyaki Sauce-1

Yaki Soba: Fried Noodles with Veal and Teriyaki Sauce

It's far from being a secret that I kidnap chefs as Hollywood heroes kidnap pretty girls and make them cook and give away their recipes for you. But first of all I do it for myself, because I really like to cook. And then, having tested the dish and made enough of shots, I post

  • Roll with tempura shrimp in wasabi sesame with pineapple, avocado and pepper salsa-1

Roll with tempura shrimp in wasabi sesame with pineapple, avocado and pepper salsa

They are not big. They are tasty. They leave a lot of room for creativity. They are rolls. Japanese rolls. I call them samurai salad and prefer them to simple nigiri. Roll with tempura shrimp in wasabi sesame with pineapple, avocado and pepper salsa Recipe Recipe Type: Seafood Cuisine: Japaneese Cuisine Prep time: 30 mins