Sergey Shlyapkin, Chef at Rokka

About Sergey Shlyapkin, Chef at Rokka

I did not get the inheritance and did not spend my blueberry nights in the company of sudden crazy acquaintances. I was cutting, tearing, making my hands dirty, breaking and bringing together, but in the end it turned out not only as pleasure out of all of that. I received the highest score from himself, joyful emotions from those who do care, and unique experience that is worth all the millions of this life. My name is Sergey Shpyakin, and I’m a chef at Rokka restaurant.
  • Kuksi Soup

Kuksi Soup

What are the general features that attract us in Asian cuisine? Its spicy, colourful and delicious food, which can hardly be compared with any other. It is totally different. Starting from a set of products and finishing with presentation of the dish. In Asia, people go crazy about noodles and there is incredible number of

  • Spinach Dim Sum with Tuna, Smoked Bamboo and Khoi Sauce

Spinach Dim Sum with Tuna, Smoked Bamboo and Khoi Sauce

We’ve talked a lot about ravioli already. I've even prepared a special recipe selection for you to simplify the search. And people loved this dish so much, that invented hundreds of its variants. There are sweet ravioli, with strawberries for example, or classical with cheese. There are no limits at all. And today I'd like

  • Black Cod with Mango Caviar _1

Black Cod with Mango Caviar

Black cod lives in waters of the Pacific Ocean, is one of the most delicious fish and can be a diamond among the inhabitants of the sea. Despite its name, black cod is a gentle, soft, white and fatty meat with a rich flavor. Also black cod is called coal fish because of its color.