Jordi Cruz Mas, Chef of the ABaC Restaurant

About Jordi Cruz Mas, Chef of the ABaC Restaurant

My name is Jordi Cruz Mas. I’m the chef of three restaurants in Barcelona: ABaC Restaurant, Angle Barcelona and Ten’s Tapas Restaurant. I am co-founder and creator of Angle 10′s. I was born north of bustling Barcelona, in a quiet and very small Catalan town of Manresa. Away from the coast and beaches, where women don’t always cover themselves with clothing Not coincidentally I got on fine dining. It wasn’t so much that I studied to be a lawyer, and then spat on the tie and decided to wear chef’s hat.
  • Spanish Dessert

Spanish Dessert – Mix of Lemon Glaze, Flowers, Ice Cream and Cookies

Spain, Spain ... It is associated for me with a permanent fiesta, the joy and food. That only is the story of how I came to the shooting in a restaurant to Jordi Cruz. And in Spanish cuisine there are so many different thing, which really need you attention. The Spanish people are experts in

  • Parmesan Gnocchi with Truffle, Sautéed and Raw Mushrooms, Acidulated Mushroom Consommé, Broken Walnuts and Aragula Flowers

Parmesan Gnocchi with Truffle, Sautéed and Raw Mushrooms

Many people ask me, how I arrange shooting for my Food&Chef project. Do I come to restaurants and show to chefs a fat album with photos of other wonderful and famous chefs? Do I take hostage the prettiest waitress with my camera in one hand, requiring from a chef to pose and to tell about