Ruslan Vycherov, Pastry Chef at Pizza&Grill

About Ruslan Vycherov, Pastry Chef at Pizza&Grill

One can think that Pizza&Grill has only pizza and grill food – similar to famous world Burger & Lobster chain, where you can eat everything provided it is burger or lobster. But despite its simple name, I work at Pizza&Grill in Odessa, and I specialise in a completely different food. My name is Ruslan Vycherov. I’m a Pastry Chef in the above mentioned chain in the city, where people still dry their clothes on ropes in yards of the central streets. And they shall be definitely multicoloured. This is Odessa! I was born in Donetsk Oblast in 1975. I grew up a bit and started showing my mischief and artistic skills at once . I’m not sure my parents thought my drawings on wallpapers and a mattress in my parents’ bedroom were artistic, but I was definitely sure.
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Of all seasons, most of all I love spring. Summer is too hot for me, winter is not too cold and I always want to sleep like a bear in the forest. And fall is too slushy, wet, and all life is fading. It’s too slushy and wet in the spring too. But spring is

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When my city got covered with ice, a very good friend of mine, working in a bank sphere, towed me along to take pictures of that ice. We arrived at the beach and started strolling along the frozen sea looking for icy beauty. But I got bored quite soon. I took only three pictures and

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To say the truth, it took me half a year to catch Ruslan. It just seems that when you live with someone in one city, you'll have time to shoot everything for the project. Both of us always have something to do, and this actually stood on the way of our cooperation. Tiramisu Recipe Recipe