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About Alexey Povtoreiko, Chef at Whisky Corner

I was born on 26 May 1980 in Kyiv. And although 34 years have passed, I can still clearly remember, when I decided to become a Chef. I was always amazed with how my father cooked, and although cook profession was considered women’s one at that time, in the 7th grade I was 100% sure that I would learn to become the best chef. My parents say my first attempts to cook something were quite successful, but perhaps they, like all other parents, wanted to support and inspire me. After I finished school, I went to culinary college and then became cook’s assistant. In 2 months I became a cook. And a year after, I was called to the army, and as you might understand, there was no place for fine dining there. There were 9 cooks, 50 assistants and 1.5 thousand hungry soldiers per shift. ’What can be learnt in such conditions?’ — you will ask. Discipline, responsibility and order. These are essential qualities for a chef, a good chef.
  • Let me introduce you Manhattan cocktail with a hint of smoke, it should be not only mixed, but also smoked! A unique version of a classical English recipe!

Manhattan Cocktail with a Hint of Smoke

All last week we’ve been smoking food! We’ve smoked mushrooms for amazing  smoked chanterelle and porcini salad with garlic chips and thyme oil, smoked haggis and cooked potato croquettes, smoked apple-flavoured salmon. Also we’ve smoked a duck from Staffordshire. Don’t you remember? Oh, you are right, the duck was a local one☺ But the recipe

  • Staffordshire County is famous for its mountains, industry and small farms. Pastoral picture of rural life is diluted with hunting game, noisy gatherings and ...pancakes! Catch you?

Staffordshire Oatcake, Sir!

Have you already cooked delicious Scottish croquettes with haggis? And enjoyed its full-flavoured taste? I have to say honestly, I’ve cooked this dish twice already. The first time was to shoot the photo session, and the second time I cooked it to excite my guests by the miracle of cold-smoking process and its special flavour. And today I

  • Rough bearded men in kilts, dense fog, sound of bagpipes and meat…. What else do you know about Scotland? Right now I’m ready to share with you a cool Scottish recipe of meat and potatoes that you have never tried before.

Croquettes with haggis

So my dear meat-lover, are you ready for the culinary adventures? Because we are going to eviscerate, boil and smoke the meat without mercy. Genuine chefs cook meat only so and in no other way. First, let’s find sheep’s giblets. Next, let’s cook the coolest haggis out of them. This dish is a symbol of

  • Grilled Scallops with Maitre d’Hotel Butter Recipe 1

Grilled Scallops with Maitre d’Hotel Butter Recipe

Seafood. Can taste so different, but always delicious. I can be hardly surprised with mussels, rapanas or different kinds of fish, as I’m a sea city child. But it’ completely different story with scallops. This recipe of Grilled Scallops with Maitre d’Hôtel Butter perfectly fits in the popular French concept ‘sea-land’. The French are famous

  • Холодный жульен из гребешка с авокадо, красной икрой и трюфельным маслом-0

My struggle with cigarettes and cold scallop julienne with avocado, red caviar and truffle oil

I was three years old when I tried smoking for the first time. I can clearly remember that moment. We lived in the Far North, in a population centre, where one can get only by a helicopter to. Only buildings of a club and a radio station (that at the same time was an administration)

  • Thanksgiving Turkey-1

Thanksgiving Turkey

Some days are just crazy. Some are really crazy! In the past six months of my life, the number of days like this has been just over 99%. Thanksgiving Turkey Recipe Recipe Type: Meat and poultry Cuisine: American Cuisine Prep time: 3 hours Cook time: 10 mins Total time: 3 hours 10 mins Serves: 15

  • Beef Wellington-1

Beef Wellington

Scottish cuisine in the capital of my country. Charismatic Chef and a huge cupboard with various types of tasty whisky. Beef Wellington Recipe Recipe Type: Main Dish Cuisine: Scottish Cuisine Ingredients Fillet – 180 g Containing dough – 90 g Ceps– 40 g Pepper sauce – 30 g Assorted mushrooms – 100 g Instructions Beef