Sergei Borodkin, Pastry Chef at Isrotel Exclusive Collection Hotel Chain

About Sergei Borodkin, Pastry Chef at Isrotel Exclusive Collection Hotel Chain

I was born and grew up in the city of Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan. I spent my childhood in a sunny, high mountain city, surrounded by apple gardens of Zailiyskiy Alatau. Smell of apple blossom, taste of melt water from mountain springs and roaring wind in mountain gorges made me strive for beauty my whole life. Combination of traditions and cuisines of the multinational region have been attracting me since I was a child. The brightest memories from my childhood are smell of my mother’s baking and cooking national pilaf and unique manti together with my father. Latest 16 years of my life I’ve spent doing with tenderness what I really like. I started my career as a simple kitchen helper. Life gave me an opportunity to meet with people who were really enthusiastic of what they were doing, with people, who were not afraid of experiments both in the kitchen and in their life. Having opportunity to work with those people I observed creation of new fresh mindset in the culinary world. And I’m glad I’ve contributed to this difficult process.
  • Pistachio Cake with Coconut

Pistachio Cake with Coconut

Most recently, we're talking about sweet dishes, cooking parfait. And when is winter outside and closer and closer is Christmas with all that gift fever and with them a great cozy home mood when you are watching a good movie under a warm blanket with a cup of cocoa. And here you are really need

  • What kind of pastry with apples do you love: a traditional apple pie or taten? Apple strudel recipe from the famous chef Sergey Borodkin will allow you to prepare a dessert that will be your favorite!

Apple Strudel Recipe

Strudel is a traditional Austrian dessert. This suction roll dough with apple or cherry. Overall strudel recipes differ only fillings, the basis is always the hood without yeast dough. Strudels can be not only sweet, apricots, pears, poppy seeds, nuts, in many countries, meat and baked strudel and mushrooms, cheese, fish, an infinite number of

  • Lush, soft, melting in the mouth brioche bun. I can see the picture, cup of coffee, brioche and unhurried moment of pleasure ...

Brioche and Chocolate Brioche

Brioche - a magnificent gentle bun that just melts in your mouth. The first recipe for brioche bun was proposed by the French brioche pastry. World brioche popularity acquired thanks to the French painter Edouard Manet. In his works, paintings and still lifes depicted several times. To musical evenings which were arranged by his wife,

  • Maffin is a dessert, which can be sweet and not sweet. Here it is! That’s why you can deny. There are so many tastes!

Bran-and-Currant Muffin Recipe

I shave once a month. Sometimes less. I was lucky in this respect, with a little hair on my face. I’m not going to be a happy owner of a beard and mustache, but at the same time I do not have a risk to be confused with a homo in the early morning in

  • Vegetables with Pita Bread Recipe

Vegetables with Pita Bread Recipe

Palatable pita bread. Looks like it was always present at the table. We just used to call it in another way. My grandma cooked lean dense flatbreads. We cut their sides, still hot and crispy, and generously stuffed the breads. With a jam, made of translucent ripe plums, golden honey, specially cooked liver pate –

  • Pressburger - shortcrust pastry recipe_2

Pressburger – sand yeast dough pie recipe

Pressburger is a very tasty Israel pie made of sand dough and filler of quark with plum and lemon - a classic taste combination. Although it's is hardly known in the world, this dish is extremely popular in Israel. Dough cooked following special technology doesn't soak with filler though it isn't rough. I really love

  • Gugelhupf


Do you want to lose some weight? Actually, this is not the case, if one of your friends is Sergei Borodkin, great pastry Chef from Israel. His weapon, his heavy artillery is bread and buns. A few days ago I watched an excellent video on Tedx.com about overuse of the word 'awesome'. They say there