Ruben Pogosyan, Brand-Chef at Tufenkyan Restaurants

About Ruben Pogosyan, Brand-Chef at Tufenkyan Restaurants

There are lots of connoisseurs of Armenian cuisine, but there are not so many real ones. I’m sure, there are few people whose knowledge and skills are as extensive in Armenian gastronomy as mine. I believe people should share their knowledge, that’s why I present the results of my work in Tufenkian hotels. I’m brand-chef of the restaurants in the hotel network. I’m 47 and the last 30 years have been closely related to what I love: Culinary Universe and the Galaxy of Armenian Cuisine. Cooking, studying recipes, making my skills perfect is as natural for me, as blinking for you, while reading this text.
  • Soup with Pomegranate Syrup-1

Soup with Pomegranate Syrup

I love to recall my trip to Armenia. It was an exciting and delicious trip. And food was not just delicious, but also served in really generous portions. You have to be in a good physical shape for a tip like that. Starve for a couple of weeks Today we are going to cook a

  • Easy apple cake recipe with raisins and walnuts by famous Armenian chef. Amazingly taste dessert just malt in the mouse, and you can cook it easy and quickly!

Apple Pie Recipe with Raisins and Walnuts

Apple cakes are probably the most popular and common dessert. Many culinary masters interpret in his own way classic recipes of pie with apples. Therefore, there are so many variations in the familiar childhood charlotte, French Tatem or strudel. If you're going to travel around Armenia to need to stay in a hotel Tufenkian. It

  • Traditional Armenian gata is sweet dessert and, I suppose, the most popular Armenian cookies recipe. It looks like pies with vanilla filling or puff pastry

Gata – Armenian cookies recipe

Armenian cuisine is surprisingly diverse and somewhat exotic. Culinary traditions of Armenian regions inevitably differ from each other. They’ve been created and perfected over centuries, handed over from family to family, and brightened life of the people with a variety of flavors and aromas. Brave chefs, the Armenians, are fearlessly experimenting with cooking. That is

  • Armenian Harisa Recipe

Armenian Harisa Recipe

Porridge… No, not like that: ew, porridge… All of us remembered very well from childhood a dreadful picture - clouds of semolina porridge, brown mountains of buckwheat or milk rivers of rice. And flood of tears while sitting next to the full plate, all these endless spoons “for mummy, for daddy”, and grief about uneaten

  • Chicken in Orange Sauce-1

Chicken in Orange Sauce

When people ask me, how it was in Armenia, I grin and say: '+5 kilos'. Yes, it's no joke. Chicken in Orange Sauce Recipe Recipe Type: Meat and poultry Cuisine: Armenian Cuisine Ingredients 0.1 kg olive oil 1.25 kg chicken leg quarters (fresh frozen) 0.1 kg butter 0.25 bulb onion 0.4 kg fresh unpeeled orange