Vladimir Stukotin, Raw Chef at Premier Palace Hotel

About Vladimir Stukotin, Raw Chef at Premier Palace Hotel

You are what you eat. This is a well-known axiom. Eating fresh food prepared with high-quality products and proper techniques is a valuable donation to a healthy life. But you can do even more for your wellness. Dishes made with love and knowledge are trendy in our restaurants today. That is why I am spreading a raw food philosophy, with its ancient roots and modern interpretation. I am Vladimir Stukotin, a raw chef. I would not say I am unique. But still a rare sample! I am deeply thankful to my parents. They gave me freedom to choose. And day-by-day I am getting more confident of a proper choice I’ve made. My mother cooked well. I could hardly recall any of the dishes she made, but still feel the intimate atmosphere of her kitchen. I used to sit beside the oven and absorb the aromas, tastes and sounds around. I tried to cook first being a curious kid of 7. My borsch was red as fire, tasted hot as fire and required water. Fire-borsch!
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Ukrainian Dumplings Made of Raspberry – raw food recipe

Nowadays raspberry is not that rare thing anymore. All year-round available on the shelves of shops, it has no more of its former alluring unavailability. Mankind learnt how to synthesize its sweet delicious aroma and produce dozens of its different shades. But… But for me raspberry means the fingers pricked to blood, greedily tearing juicy

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«Sesame coins» Dessert with Cream and Cashew

To be honest, I’ve never took the raw food seriously. Tell me, how can one eat raw vegetables and nuts all the time?Therefore when I got acquainted with Vladimir Stukotin and was told he was an outstanding raw-cook, I was rather sceptical. People insisted I should add him to Food’n’Chef project. - Yeah-yeah - I