Anahit Sargysian, Chef at The Club

About Anahit Sargysian, Chef at The Club

My name is Anahit Sargysian, and I know every item on the menu of Yerevan restaurant The Club. I know what every sauce is cooked of, what spices are added to lamb shank and how your plate is supposed to look. I am a chef at The Club - a place with Armenian and French cuisine and something else. I was born in Yerevan, a city of rosy and creamy colours, in the family of office workers. When I was a child, I used to spend a lot of time with my granny in a small city with not very poetic name, but with extremely poetic landscapes - Goris.
  • If you are always have a party with your friends, you can cook a dish for everyone – leg of lamb.

Leg of Lamb

You should be able to cook the meat. And to make this not only all his experience and skill gained by days, months or years and even add their love and some inside felling in cooking. Today we will cook a leg of lamb. In fact, when I hear such a name of a recipe,

  • If you want special Baked Eggplant recipe it’s right here! Anahit, chef from Armenia shares with us all the secrets!

Baked Eggplants with Onion

Today I have for you - Pagoda. Yes, yes, you are right - Pagoda. It is made of eggplants. A pagoda is a tiered tower with multiple eaves, built in traditions originating in historic East Asia or with respect to those traditions, common to Nepal, India, China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Burma and other parts of

  • Cray fish soup

Cray fish soup

How do you understand happiness? Is it a smile of a loved one or watching sunrise from the roof of the highest skyscraper? Your child's first word or a motorcycle ride on an incredible speed? And maybe all of this? Is it possible to make a choice? Cray fish soup recipe Recipe Type: Soup Cuisine: