Denis Brovceac, Chef at La Butuc

About Denis Brovceac, Chef at La Butuc

Do you want to hear a story of a bright uprising? A funny tale about success and classic “one morning, I wake up famous"? Then you should better address someone else. Because my story is filled with a dream, work and being steady in the purpose. My name is Denis Brovceac, chef at La Butuc restaurant. I've been dreaming about my culinary freedom since I was a kid. As far back as I can remember, kitchen was always my territory. Other children are interested in streets, yards and garages. But I was fond of products, recipes, combinations and aromas. The choice was not that big during my Soviet childhood. There was only all-Union State Standard. But I was smart and clever, I was a good inventor and creator. Sometimes I got really great results. And now, I'm proud of my courage.
  • Pork Steak with Sauce (2)

Pork Steak with Sauce

Moldavian cuisine is considered as one of the healthiest in the world. Traditional Moldova dishes were formed for centuries. We have cooked with you placinta, one of the most famous pastries thought Moldova cuisine. Today we will cook a meat dish. Pork steak with sauce muzhdu by Denis Brovceac, Chef at La Butuc. Muzhdu is

  • Baked plăcintă with cottage cheese and greens from Moldovan chef Denys Brovchak. Well-roasted, solid and yummy! Light yeasted dough and delicious cottage cheese filling!

Placinta with Cottage Cheese and Greens

Plăcintă is a special pie with cottage cheese, pimpkin, meat, potato, apples and other kinds of filling. Plăcintă looks like a flat cake, and it’s cooked from puff pastry or yeasted dough. My grandma used to fry plăcintăs on a dry frying pan, and then brushed ready-made plăcintăs with butter. People cook like that in

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Rabbit stewed in white wine with vegetables, herbs and mashed pumpkin

We were drinking. We were drinking a lot and ruthlessly, ruthlessly burning away our organism. We started with wine. Incredibly tasty and aromatic Moldovan wine. Then we switched to liqueurs and to Jägermeister by the end of the evening. Rabbit stewed in white wine with vegetables, herbs and mashed pumpkin Recipe Recipe Type: Meat and