Yuriy Chernous, Chef at Ryba Chok

About Yuriy Chernous, Chef at Ryba Chok

My meadow is endless! And I keep discovering new wonderful horizons, flavours and accept new challenges. Can't help being so curious. I just can't get enough: knowledge, experience, emotions. I love to learn and love to teach. Or even rather share myself than teach. It is so cool, when you see how your colleges, friends, finally children grow. And you don’t just stand nearby – you help them, direct and contribute. This is how I see my mission. My name is Yuriy Chernous. And despite my age specified in the passport, I'm a boy who has dedicated all his life to the art of cooking.
  • Liver pate with beef brains and caramelize red bilberry

Liver Pate with Beef Brains and Caramelize Red Bilberry

Today on our menu is Liver pate with beef brains and caramelize red bilberry. Tasty, delicate, easy to spread on bread and melting in the mouth. Pate - is specially cooked minced meat, poultry, game, eggs, mushrooms and other products. Make a pate can be of a variety of products, but the leaders remained poultry

  • I want to present you a classical Chicken Kiev recipe. Chicken with butter inside. Incredible flavor and appetize crust. You just only need to try!

Chicken Kiev

Chicken Kiev is very famous dish that not only appears in the menu of Ukrainian restaurants, but also throughout the world. IT is known in Europe and America. It is often referred to in the movies, TV shows, and is one of the symbols of Ukrainian cuisine. Chicken Kiev is a chicken formed in cutlet

  • Recipe Cream soup bisque from crayfish with pike cutlets from the famous chef of the restaurant Fish Chok. Saturated with rich flavor and aroma will not leave you indifferent, you will fall in love with the first spoonful.

Cream Soup Bisque from Crayfish with Pike Cutlets

Etymologically the word "bisque" is related to Biscay, the province of Spain. That was a name of spicy dish with boiled meat or game in the Spanish cuisine. Gradually bisque were made of poultry, and served to lobsters and cheese. And in the 17th century, seafood, and most crayfish became the main ingredient of bisque.

  • This recipe is something fresh and new. Silver carp fillet rolled in dough with carrot ratatouille on reddish carpaccio.

Recipe of Silver Carp Fillet with Carrot Ratatouille on Reddish Carpaccio

There are dozens of silver carp recipes. And today I’ll share with you something really cool. Not just a ‘common recipe’, but a ‘wow-recipe’. It’s a common opinion that silver carp is mainly for every day cooking, and will not suit festive or somewhat more sophisticated table. But this recipe challenges stereotypes. Silver carp recipe

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Rainbow Trout baked in salt dressing (flambe) with tartar made of porcini and pine buds

For a long time I’ve been thinking of making a book about Ukrainian varenyky (stuffed dumplings of unleavened dough). I have already chosen and examined recipes. Rainbow Trout baked in salt dressing (flambe) with tartar made of porcini and pine buds recipe Recipe Type: Seafood Cuisine: European Cuisine Serves: 1 Ingredients Trout - 1100 g