Vitalii Voroncihin, Chef at GastroBar

About Vitalii Voroncihin, Chef at GastroBar

I've never considered geographical borders as barriers. Neither for art, nor for life. It's strange to map pointless lines and establish fences around you. Perhaps this is why being born in small Khotyn on the territory of picturesque coasts of the Dniester River, I had no problems with submerging in culture and peculiarities of other countries. Am I a traveller? For sure! I'm a culinary wanderer. My name is Vitalii Voroncihin, I'm a chef at BBQ and representative of The Big Green Egg in Moldova. I also manage the kitchen in one of the most successful projects – GastroBar.
  • Are you not completely sure? Don’t worry. The best point of your success is a roasting leg of lamb. Perfect recipe is right here.

Leg of Lamb with rosemary, honey and lemon

Let's talk today about the lamb. Lamb is cooking and love in a completely different countries. Gigot French, English shepherd's pie are a recognized classic of world cuisine. A roasting leg of lamb in the oven sounds festive and unconditionally delicious. Leg of lamb with aromas of spices and herbs, delicious crust, incredible pulp, baked

  • The cake is very unusual. And it’s not easy to cook it using standard scheme. Near ballet bar is no-bake cake!

No-Bake Pavlova Cake

Ballet is a great art. I have always admired the fine lines of the body, weightless jumps and an amazing ability to show emotions through moving. In this sense, I am a tree. In the ballet, like in the pictures, there are iconic characters and outstanding personalities. Pavlova or PavlovA or, in French manner, has

  • Grilled Cedar Plank Salmon Fillet Recipe

Grilled Cedar Plank Salmon Fillet Recipe

I have been always interested in grilled salmon recipes. I should confess, this is my most favourite fish dish. I can eat salmon in any form. And I always look for salmon recipes in various culinary books. And, of course, I’ve got lots of different salmon recipes on my site. It will just suffice to