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I'm Anastasiya Holoborodko, food journalist, author of blog on healthy food spoon.com.ua, food-editor at bit.ua, nogibogi.com.ua, student and host of culinary workshops, modern gastronomist and a very enthusiastic person. My childhood was far from glamour everyday life of city ladies. Small Ismail town, where my family still lives, frozen in its semi-city development. Quiet and cozy as granny's kitchen, it even used to play a significant role in history. I like Ismail for its diverse gastronomic melody. Just imagine: Turkish, Bulgarian and Romanian cuisine, endless curving vineyards and fluffy sheep-walks... I am so inspired by my native town that I can keep on talking and talking about it. But this is not the point.
  • Delicious and simple banana smoothie with spirulina for 5 minutes. Detailed instructions for the preparation of an invigorating, refreshing and nutritious cocktail are here.

Banana Smothie with Spirulina

Do you want something sweet, cool and nutritious? If an ordinary ice cream seems to be quite simple, we have something better. If your kitchen accidently has a banana, a little yogurt, couple cups of milk, honey and a bit of cinnamon - you have all for our banana smoothie. But if you don’t want

  • Create your own summer salad with spinach and strawberry. If you are bored of your usual salads and have not too much time for kitchen – here is your cooking magic wand.

Strawberry and Spinach Salad

I’m almost sure you were once told that spinach and strawberry is not the best combination in food. If you were told so, well… forget it. Just cook this salad and show everyone that spinach and strawberry salad is the yummiest summer culinary adventure ever. Its appearance is a bit odd and unusual, but at

  • Anastasiya Holoborodko, Food journalist, Blogger

British Carrot Cake Recipe

This classical British carrot cake recipe is one of the popular culinary trademarks of the UK. Root vegetables, rhubarb and beans are the old basis of the British cuisine. And carrot is one of the most popular root vegetables. You won't need any exotic ingredients for this recipe; as for kitchen utensils - you'll need