Karo Guyumjyan, Chef at Salon

About Karo Guyumjyan, Chef at Salon

It’s impossible to know everything. It’s impossible to manage everything. It’s impossible to try everything. However, I fill my life with a whole bunch of new knowledge, work and flavours. I’m neither a revolutionist nor an innovator. I’m Karo Guyumjyan, Armenian and just a good guy. My guests keep telling that I’m an awesome chef of Salon restaurant. I was born and raised in an ancient and magnificent city of Yerevan. You can hardly be tired of speaking about it: its history and culture, its people, politics and atmosphere. But personally for me Yerevan is a source of personal power, part of my spirit and native soil. Am I a patriot? For sure I am! And I’m very glad that the city welcomes me, a bold guy, in its warm and spicy embrace.
  • Veal in Pomegranate Sauce is so noble and need a special approach. If you are ready to tasty tornado, this veal recipe won’t let you indifferent.

Veal in Pomegranate Sauce

Gentle, soft and tasty to dizziness. Veal steak. The pomegranate sauce. Sweet-sour taste to perfection perfectly envelops the meat and with every bite, you are just carried away in nirvana of pleasure. It is both sweet and tart, noble and stately. Unusual, but familiar. And you realize that it is just perfect for veal. It's

  • I want to present you very easy and tasty thing - Eggplant Cream Recipe. It’s perfect, when you want something light and tender.

Eggplant Cream Recipe

During the work process you always want to eat something light. And today I have for you just a very easy and delicious eggplant cream recipe. Baked eggplant has been associated with summer. In summer, when everything just bursts with fresh fruit and vegetables, and I want to eat them as much as possible. And

  • Karo Guyumjyan, Chef at Salon

Armenian trout fillet recipe

Trout is one of the most tasty and healthy kinds of fish. Dieting experts recommend eating trout at least once per week. This fish contains Omega-3 acids, healthy fats and well-balanced proteins, so it’s perfect for nutritious breakfast, tasty lunch or scrumptious dinner. Apart from that, Armenian apricots are the tastiest apricots in the world.